The State Of Palestine Quiz

Here is a very easy quiz of 11 questions that if you ask of ANY nation one would be able to answer almost all 11 would be answered.


Here is the quiz:




This “Palestine Quiz” has been bouncing around the Internet for some time …it is, of course, a reality-test challenge to anyone who has swallowed the Palestine Myth. I thought it would be fun (and timely) to dress it up as a Dry Bones cartoon.


* * *

If you know someone who actually believes that there was ever a country or state called Palestine, don’t argue with them. Just slip ’em a copy of “The Dry Bones State of Palestine Quiz”.


How many did you get?  I couldn’t answer one!


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  • Duh … what was the question?

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Well yeah, no state of Palestine. That’s kinda the problem the self labelled ‘palestinians’ complain about as they demand autonomy, independence, self governance, international recognition, control of Jerusalem, free birth control, no more Jews, lots of money, guns, blond girls and territory. The test is cute, not as cute as woodsterman’s avatar, but cute. And just as irrelevant. Unless, maybe, you meet someone who believes the non-existence of a palestinian nation will change the power that idea has in the minds of the people who call themselves Palestinian. So, just in case you meet those people, give them a cookie, a pat on the head and send them back to kindergarten.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Semi-quasi-correction. The U.N. just voted the ‘Palestinian’ territories a non-member observer “State”. Oh joy, does this mean we need a new cute test?

    • Oh please. They could have had their state in 48 if they wanted to, but they didn’t. They don’t want it now either. they are very happy with the events in New York, though, because it allows them to stick it to the Jews.

      • W. C. Taqiyya

        Your point is well taken edge. However, the specifics get a bit more complicated. While I tend to agree with your statement, I think we need to differentiate between the motives and goals of the palestinian leadership and their enablers and the dreams of the permanent ‘refugees’. The leaders certainly know the score, since they dance to the tune played by their enablers. The masses of ignorant refugees do not. Most of them, I suspect, believe a State rather than or in addition to extermination of the Jews is the ‘real’ goal. Further complicating the charade is the fact that the several regional enablers are competing for political dominance of the area. Israel makes a handy excuse. Iran has been the primary political, financial and military backer of Hamas. In that context, you might see, as I do, the latest Hamas rocket barrage as a sort of performance to impress whoever their next major backer will be. With the imminent fall of the Iranian proxy state of Syria, Iranian influence in the area will take a hit. Which means another regional Muslim country will step in to fill the gap. Hamas doesn’t care who, as long as they continue to get paid. The permanent cannon fodder refugees, or most of them, if they had a voice or a clue, would probably prefer a State. But they don’t have a voice or a clue, so we have permanent cannon fodder instead.

        Now, if the U.S. political leadership had any skills, they might work to splinter the ‘palestinians’ into three or four groups instead of the two we have now. Just as HAMAS and the former PLO groups compete against each other, additional competitors would tend to focus their violent energies against each other. It would be interesting to see if some Arab sheiks might not be persuaded to back one or more splinter groups. I’m sure plenty of thugs are available. They could then design their own pretty uniforms, sing songs about killing Hamas or Hezbollah members, and maybe build some groovy vacation resorts. A smart warlord might even stock the resorts with hot blond hookers to reward his killers. A heaven on earth sort of thing might be a good recruiting tool. But, I digress.