The Power of Conservative Citizen Action

HR 6429, the STEM Jobs Act of 2012 is up for a possible vote in the House as a replay of its crash and burn status in September 2012. Democrats voted to kill it because visas would be increased for scholarly immigrant candidates while passing on those of lesser skills. The point is it doesn’t matter what the Republicans or Democrats want with this sort of bill. What matters is they continue to do battle to decide who gets the nod on immigration.

While the lame duck session may be exactly that, if we let our guard down POLS may get exactly what they want during this legislative period. I once again suggest everyone contact their elected representatives to express dissatisfaction with immigration, border control and enforcing the rule of law.

With the results of the 2012 elections fresh in people’s minds it is obvious the GOP is willing to once again cave on principle given their appraisal of electoral losses not the least of which was Obama’s re-election. Try to remember the summer of 2007, the last time the GOP decided to pursue shamnesty. Citizens shut down the capitiol phone systems with their massive response in opposition to that legislation. The bill was defeated.

We need that kind of response once again. So-called immigration reform must not be attempted until the rule of law is enforced and the borders are controlled. To do otherwise would only be a repeat of President Reagan’s one time amnesty in 1986. He gave a pass to 3 million and the gesture was not honored with subsequent enforcement. It is well past time to bring this scam to an end. Call your reps and raise hell.

Stanford Matthews

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