Hat Tip to Mary (You know who you are.)

First of all, to my children and grandchildren and generations of my progeny not yet born…I sincerely apologize. I’m politically poor from all the donations I made to conservative organizations and candidates. All my efforts fell short. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more.

Next…too all who voted for Barack Hussein Obama. It’s often said there are two great disappointments in life…(1) Not getting what you want and (2) Getting what you THOUGHT you wanted.

YOU have successfully destroyed this nation. It should now be renamed the USSA…”United Socialist States of America ”. This is NOT an exaggeration. Let me explain.

During the first four years of his administration “BO” nationalized the housing industry, the automobile industry, and the medical industry…all “socialized”. Expect in the second term, nationalism of the airline industry, the oil and gas industry, and the power industry (electrical power from fossil and nuclear fuel sources). Expect much more borrowed and tax money to be given to unproductive and unsuccessful “green” industries.

Many women selfishly voted for “BO”…their votes driven exclusively by their reproductive ability…government-funded abortion on demand…early term…late term…it will make no difference. Contraception will be government provided but, sadly, rarely used. Now the women are guaranteed two “freedoms of choice”…the freedom to avoid pregnancy and secondly, the freedom to terminate it once they ignore the first choice.

Some form of amnesty will not only grant legitimacy to illegal aliens, it will also assure huge payments for housing, subsistence, medical care, and free secondary education at the public expense. That’s the only way the illegals can be enslaved to vote for liberalism…which they will be allowed to do.

Expect significantly more relaxed drug laws and far less severe punishments for drug use. Then, expect a huge expenditure on government drug treatment centers and increasing costs to feed and house the rapidly growing numbers of non-productive users.

Expect the progressive elimination of G-D from visibility. The concept of separation of church and state will be taken by legislation to unlawful levels so the public will eventually (perhaps not in this administration but in future ones) be unable to have any public display of religion on their lawns during the “winter holiday” (can’t call it Christmas anymore…someone might be offended).

Expect more and more accommodation of Islam with disregard to Christianity. It was very evident in the last four years…it will become more so in the next four years. Remember…we don’t want to offend anyone.

It’s possible for three Supreme Court justices to be replaced in the next four years. Expect a very liberal Supreme Court which powerfully legislates from the bench. The same will hold true for dozens (hundreds?) of lower court judges. They WILL vote in favor of the liberal ideal. Morality is not an issue.

The second amendment to the Constitution will, in some way, be significantly diluted. Perhaps with exorbitant taxes on ammunition? As a matter of fact, any time the Constitution is a barrier to liberal idealism, it will either be ignored or diluted by some form of legislation, executive degree, or liberal judicial interpretation…somehow by-passed.

Be prepared for YOUR GOVERNMENT to allow, if not encourage, outside influence into your lives. The U.N. will begin to dictate to us and we will comply. You will be forced to fall in line with Europe . We will become “Europeanized”. It thrills other nationalities that we will be brought down to their standards. They’re giddy with excitement over “BO’s” re-election…as are Putin, Castro, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…all of whom endorsed “BO”

When (it’s already happened as evidenced by the election) a high enough percentage of the population Is “ENSLAVED” to and by the government, they (all of us!) will have to vote to keep them (the “masters”) in power so they (the public) can continue to be cared for.

We are now enslaved by socialism. There is no turning back. It’s impossible to get a sufficient number of votes to displace the “masters”. Conversely, the “masters” cannot take back what they’ve already given without risk to their power.
These issues are only the superficial tip of the iceberg. Other issues are also contributors.

Since we are now about SIXTEEN TRILLION in debt (FIVE trillion added in the last four years!), expect the total collapse of the economy of the U.S.S.A. Not just increasing the tax on the wealthy…but taking 100% of their total wealth would not begin to reduce the national debt. With the vast increase in government spending and nationalization of more business and industry, expenditures to keep the SLAVES (us!) in line will destroy us.

The question is no more fundamental than how long it will take for the total collapse of the American economy.

Obama voters…remember this missive. You got what you thought you wanted
And again, to my kids and their kids…I’m so sorry. You have been dealt a losing hand by those who are selfish and willing to sacrifice this nation for their own immediate and personal interests.

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  • Scalia will turn 77 in March of 2013. He has made it clear he is not a happy Justice. Let’s hope he can hold out for another 4 years. If not, we will have only Thomas and Alito on the court with Roberts being an occasional right-leaning vote (maybe, maybe not).

  • It is all down hill from here, I am afraid. And, you know who occupies the bottom of the hill and what always runs down hill, don’t you?

  • We are now enslaved by socialism?! This is absolutely ridiculous. To claim that re-electing the president will “destroy” this nation is just plain unhinged.

    Four years from now, let’s all view the “2016” movie again and compare the absurd predictions made about the destruction of the U.S.A. to the reality we will find around us: a strong economy (now that Romney has finally killed Reaganomics – it’s about time!), affordable health care, and peace. Compare the “expect” paragraphs in Maggie’s e-mail to the reality.

    It is really hard for me to understand how she and some others (though certainly not a majority in this country) have come to have so much fear, and to believe such delusional things. Perhaps now that we liberals won again, we can turn the page and restore sanity, logic and grounding in facts to our political conversations, blogs, etc.

    We love this country, and that is what motivates us liberals. It seems that people like Maggie are motivated by other things, fear and hatred primarily.

    But her time has passed. The Tea Party is over.

    Let’s all start to work together to recover from the harm Reaganomics has done to all of us. Well, not all of us. Just the 99% who kept working hard and kept waiting for prosperity to “trickle down.” We waited. And waited. And waited. And it never happened.

    The Republican leadership did not cut taxes for the rich in order to (according to a crazy economic theory) spread wealth for all of us. They cut taxes for the rich in order to cut taxes for the rich. That is who they serve. And they use people like Maggie by manipulating her fears and ignorance of economics, politics and the Constitution in order to try to win elections. They are the masters she serves, and she does not even know it!

    This worked for them at times. But not this time. Thank goodness the president was re-elected. Now we can begin to rebuild America!

    • EndthePain

      James your website is about selling your book that the government is good.

      Your post is actually pretty full of shit. It is the perfect example of Alinsky folks. He throws many things at you and then laughs as you run around trying to put out his gasoline fires.

      Taxes. Fear. Anti-patriotism. Trickle down. GOP fat cats. Ignorance. Constitution.

      The idea is to never take a single position on anything. He simply posits riducle on the rights position while never taking a stand on anything.

      5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

      This post by James is nothing more then a means to promote his website which SELLS his book and Alinsky treatment of the rights position without taking a position in return.

      James is the worst of Capitalist pigs. He uses his own brand of fear and ridicule to promote his own self interests.

      Sad….but normal for the leftists.

      As Lenin said….The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.
      Vladimir Lenin

      Or in other words run up trillions in deficits…print money to pay the bills and what have we done…..we have Debauched the currency.

      Meanwhile the left lauds the deficits and boo haa haa’s the rights anger over soaring deficits as they Alinsky the rights positions on the deficits as nonsensical retardation and then BAIT AND SWITCH the current deficits with Ronald Reagan trickle down economics.

      People like Jim though understand what is happening….they are just making their money before the currency is destroyed and the socialists become communists in the ensuing panic.

      It is people like Jim who will Use Alinsky on you..all the way to the bank. Remember that when you read a post like this that does not address anything but addresses a 100 things in vague references but then hypes his own website where he wants you to BUY his book on how great is the government.

      • I did not write the book about how big government can be good. But it can be. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are big government programs without which many would suffer needlessly. Markets are great, but they are not perfect and there is a need to supplement them with good programs like these.

        I’m not sure who Alinsky is, but you say he advises never taking a position on anything. This certainly does not describe me, or my post. I take firm positions on a number of issues.

        I’ll just call you on one thing. You wrote “Meanwhile the left lauds the deficits …” Please provide me with some citation or other evidence for this claim. President Obama is deeply concerned about the federal debt, and indeed he is more serious about dealing with the problem than the Republicans are because he sees that the only way to cope with it is a balanced approach that includes spending cuts and tax increases on those who can easily afford it. Fortunately for America, we re-elected him.

        It would be good if people like you and me could have rational, mutually respectful discussion. But for that, there has to be a shared commitment to a concern for real facts, not things you pick up here and there from conspiracy Web sites. Recently, a study by the Congressional Research Service proved that Reaganomics did not work. It is also a fact that President Obama saved our capitalist economic system through the stimulus. Why would a socialist do that?

        • EndthePain

          Recently, a study by the Congressional Research Service proved that Reaganomics did not work….

          and voille what do you know……..

          The Congressional Research Service does such reports at the request of lawmakers, and the research is considered private.

          Wait it gets better…….

          But the Hungerford study was bound to be widely circulated. It emerged in the final months of a presidential campaign in which tax policy has been a central focus. Mr. Romney…

          and of course then we have this…….

          Mr. Hungerford, a specialist in public finance who earned his economics doctorate from the University of Michigan, has contributed at least $5,000 this election cycle to a combination of Mr. Obama’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

          And from the annals of history we have this telling tidbit of historical perspective…..

          In 1914, Senator Robert LaFollette and Representative John M. Nelson, both of Wisconsin, promoted the inclusion in the legislative, executive, and judicial appropriations act of a provision directing the establishment of a special reference unit within the Library of Congress.[7] Building upon a concept developed by the New York State Library in 1890, and the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Library in 1901, they were motivated by Progressive era ideas about the importance of the acquisition of knowledge for an informed and independent legislature….

          or in other words an arm of the government formed by PROGRESSIVES AND FILLED WITH PROGRESSIVES to guide legislators on policy….gee imagine that.

          • All you are doing is attacking this particular researcher, and the Congressional Research Service itself. This is just a way for you to close yourself off from the facts.

            Why don’t you read about the report, and read the report itself? I have seen some responsible conservative rebuttals, and they are about the sources and metholdolgy of this report. That’s how you actually explore these issues, seeking the truth.

            • EndthePain

              That’s how you actually explore these issues, seeking the truth.

              No the facts are pretty simple. Reagan used deficit spending and tax cuts to ressurect the economy. The Same thing Obama tried to do…deficit spend or stimulate the economy. He even cut taxes by declaring a tax holiday for payroll deductions.

              Hence we have an anemic recovery that is totering on collapsing back on itself because OBAMA did……

              Exactly what Reagan did. He CUT TAXES and he DEFICIT SPENT.

              So what your saying is that Reaganomics does not work and yet the left is actually following Reganomics almost to the T by cutting taxes and deficit spending.

              Yet its failed to stimulate the economy.

              Why is that. You purport to support Obama and the democrats who have done exactly what Reagan did in 1982-1986 which eventually did turn the economy around from the horrid state it was in under Ford/Nixon/Carter in which tax rates on the wealthy was 70 percent.

              So your simply advocating a smoke and mirror version of Reaganomics while claiming that Reganomics does not work.

              Im confused…but I think your confused even more.

              • Thanks. Please read the following article with an open mind.

                • EndthePain

                  dude. Seriously your asking me to read a progressive hit piece replete with Leftist talking points.

                  The daily beast is a progressive leftist blog that includes a few Moderate righties in order to maintain some semblance of legitimacy.

                  This is akin to me asking you to watch Fox News with an open mind. Your not gonna do it and I would be the first to admit that Fox is slanted right.

                  The difference is that when I post facts I post them from information sources that the left does not condemn.

                  You have continually pointed to progressive hit pieces as fact.

                  I surmise that you are so deep in the koolaide of the left that you no longer have any unique thoughts of your own as you spout leftist talking points.

              • montanaconserv

                This is what the left doesn’t remember about the Reagan time… He worked with a Democratic-lead Congress.. Yes, he made compromises for spending he otherwise wouldn’t have done – that’s why there was deficit spending. Cutting taxes has also been proven to increase tax revenues over and over again.. the problem is that the liberals can’t seem to understand how to stop spending. We’ve never had a tax revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

            • EndthePain

              Incidently the GOP went after this report to such lengths that the report was taken down from its site. Citing numerous aspects of silliness which could not be substantiated and Was replete with many partisan phraseology.

              It was very much akin to the Government turning to Michael Mann to prove that global warming DOES or DOES NOT EXIST.

              Laughable and that is why the worst thing someone like you can do is go into a debate and throw around studies that are so partisan that they are laughable and then claim you have the truth and the right is intellectually bankrupt.

              • Please read the following article with an open mind.

                • EndthePain

                  ::::: Along came Ronald Reagan to assure everyone that the rising tide would lift all boats. It’s never happened quite the way conservatives said it would. Even during the general prosperity of the second Reagan term, income inequality began to expand dramatically, wage stagnation became a permanent feature of American life, and the immiseration of the poor worsened:::::

                  And herein is the progressive lefts mantra….income inequality.

                  “””To belittle the socialist ideology in any way, to turn aside from it in the slightest degree means to strengthen bourgeois ideology.””” Lenin.

                  The battle is to discredit the other sides ideas.

                  Your doing a fine job James. You are a good little marcher for the movement.

                  “””That today, when the wave has ebbed, there remain and will remain only real Marxists, does not frighten us but rejoices us.””” Lenin

                  Be not deceived. The right understands that the progressive movement is a communist movement. It is precisely following Lenin’s perscription for revolution.

                  “””But every little difference may become a big one if it is insisted on.””” Lenin.

                  We do not debate grand ideas we debate tidbits of fact and skew them left or right. We make mountains out of molehills.

                  “””A newspaper is not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, it is also a collective organiser.”””Lenin.

                  The left understands that the internet is their new newspaper. The right meanwhile continues to make mountains out of molehills distracted from the reality. Just as the entrenched power in Russia was oblivious to the groundswell that was about to sweep the government from power in revolution.

                  Your a fine progressive James….You drink the koolaide well. You spout the mantra in fine fashion.

                  Lenin would be proud. Progressives everywhere salute you.

                  • Here’s the fallacy in your reasoning. You say (1) Communists do X, (2) Liberals do X; therefore (3) Liberals are Communists.

                    This is like (1) Cats have four legs, (2) Dogs have four legs; therefore (3) Dogs are cats.

                    • EndthePain

                      So your response to progressives mirroring communist dogma is to ridicule it.

                      5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

                      But I can counter act your ridicule with facts.

                      From the Progressive Magazine:

                      It’s July 4th again, a day of near-compulsory flag-waving and nation-worshipping. Count me out.

                      Spare me the puerile parades.

                      Don’t play that martial music, white boy.

                      And don’t befoul nature’s sky with your F-16s.

                      You see, I don’t believe in patriotism.

                      From the head of the KGB who defected from the Soviet Union to the United states in the 70’s:

                      “Our orders were to deny Americans a push back if you will against communism. The way you do this is by taking away their ability to push back. You take away their patriotism, their love of country. Without this they are lost and have no rebuttal for why communism should be opposed.”

                    • Do you understand the point I made about this logical fallacy?

    • montanaconserv

      What an idiot – enough said.

      • No, that is not enough. If you call someone an idiot, you have to back up what you say with these little things called REASONS.

        • montanaconserv

          Brwahaahaaahaaa! There is no ‘reasoning’ with progressives. Your koolaid addiction has caused irreparable brain damage. You have no knowledge of what this once great country was like… You blame Reaganomics on our problems, when in reality the problem is your marxist ideology… here’s one statement you cannot refute… YOU CANNOT SPEND OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY – EVENTUALLY YOU WILL RUN OUT… we are beyond fixing what FDR and Johnson did … all we can do is hang on for the ride… got gold?

          • So you are predicting the collapse of our economic system because of President Obama’s policies, or because we re-elected him? The truth is that the system almost collapsed in 2008 because of years of laissez-faire policies of the sort you probably support, and President Obama saved capitalism and put us on the road to recovery. I want you to contact me two years from now, or four years from now, so that we can see whether this disaster you are so afraid of really happened.

            What in the world does any of this have to do with spending other people’s money? When you benefit from a tax-supported program, you are not spending other people’s money. That money is part of the commonwealth, and taxation is not theft. You owe your taxes. Or are you a deadbeat who wants to live in this great nation for free?
            Look, it’s over. We won. You lost. Now could some of you people calm down a little bit so we can start to work together in this country to face our common challenges together. We will never be able to solve our fiscal problems as long as we indulge the fantasies of supply-side (or, as Gearge H. W. Bush called it, “voodoo”) economics.

            • montanaconserv

              OMG! Just this sentence alone proves you are koolaid-brain-addled…

              “That money is part of the commonwealth, and taxation is not theft.”

              As I said before.. idiot.. enough said. There is no discussing anything reasonably with koolaid drunk trolls…

              • So you believe that anyone who thinks that taxation is not theft is an idiot? Come on, reason with me. Give me a reason to believe that you and I do not really owe our taxes, and that when we pay them we are being robbed.

    • Please read with an open mind this article explaining that liberals are not socialists or communists. Thank you.

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  • Dave Hancock

    There is no doubt, that anyone may love this country…However, there is some concern, as to how She is to be loved.
    The question is not the Debt…Butt, how are ‘U’ goin’ to pay it.
    The question is not personal liberty…Butt, how are ‘U’ goin’ to protect it.
    The question is not national security…Butt, how are ‘U’ goin’ to guarantee it.
    The question is not ‘do U love’…Butt, do U care..for anyone, other than yourself.
    Buildings rise one block at a time. What is the cornerstone of this current foundation…Debt.
    Society is strong based on the single unit…Do ‘U’ believe in family..did U have one..
    Semi-Free societies of the past, survived as long as law was followed by all. Check ‘U-r’ History. When any position of government fails to comply with law…’U’ have lost your Freedom. That’s the color of law.
    Where security is offered for a gift given…so too, amnesty is the gift to secure political indebtedness.
    Where Campaign Money is donated…the return is anti-personnel.
    To cheat, in any endeavor, is to claim responsibility for the outcome.
    Don’t forget, Hate and Love, are both four letter words…often confused.
    Soo…who’s in or hate, acceptance for blame is activated…’U-r’ security, and the security for any thing, ‘U’ may care for, is now left to History…
    One person, Marx was, Engel was, Adolph was, Louis XIV was, ElDuce was, Caesar was; All wanting to fix, what was viewed as broken…and they did.
    So, if ‘U’ are an agnostic, U don’t need to pray. However, if ‘U’ are a believer in rituals, then U will. Remembering, there are only two sides to ritual belief…the negative and the positive. Don’t matter which one ‘U’ choose, ‘U-r’ choice.
    Dave Hancock, for those with no voice.

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  • EndthePain

    Please provide me with some citation or other evidence for this claim….

    Actually jimbo your just asking me to put out one of your fires.

    Please provide evidence that a president who has run up tremendous deficits….who promised us that obama care would CUT deficits but has since been proven to actually increase deficits…..

    Please provide me with evidence WHY the senate controlled by the Democrats REFUSE to pass a budget or for that matter even submit a budget themselves.

    Please provide me with evidence that the House and Senate in 2009-2010 when they were in control of all 3 branches of the legislature did anything at all to cut the deficits they are so worried about.

    Please explain this statement to me………

    Please explain why a leading voice of the left…the Daily Kos proclaims that deficits dont matter when their guy is in power and then explain to me this……

    The Huffington Post…another strong voice of the left belittles the Bush Administration for having Deficits….Please explain to me why it it okay for the left to defend Obama’s deficits but it was a sin when Bush was in office to have deficits?

    Top Democrats yesterday attacked the Bush administration over the budget deficit and an intelligence leak as the first full week of the short, election-year Congress began.

    “I think it’s abundantly clear now that this administration is the most fiscally irresponsible we’ve had in our nation’s history,” said Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, noting the “landmark” projection this week by the Congressional Budget office that there will be a $477 billion deficit this year.

    Oh and explain to me why Obama would not MEET with the right at all in nearly 4 years in office. Period….yet Bush……..

    Later yesterday, President Bush stressed areas of common interest between the parties as he met with Mr. DeLay, Mr. Daschle, and the rest of House and Senate bipartisan leadership to discuss the coming year.

    Perhaps you should simply get your partisan head out of your partisan backside and really bone up on whats transpired in the last decade before you make such bizarre statements and attempt to have what you think is an informed and constructive debate with no facts to even support your position.

  • W.C Taqiyya

    Great post findalis. As usual, I don’t agree with everything you said, but you are mostly correct. The thing is, republican presidents did in fact increase the trend of entitlements and wasteful spending. Just as the democrat presidents did. And every neutered Congress sucked it’s collective thumb. Obama is different only in scale and scope. He will very likely be the tipping point where history writes his name in the red ink of economic collapse. The argument about republican versus democrat is kind of beside the point. I might even say, moot. But, what do I know?

  • Please stop using the word “democrat” as an adjective for the Democratic party. It is incorrect. The correct phrase is “Democratic party” not “Democrat party.” Also, both “Democratic” and “Republican” should be capitalized.

    History will not write the name of President Obama “in the red ink of economic collapse.” Instead, history will (accurately) record that he saved the American capitalist system from the impending global economic collapse of 2008. One of the weird things about the minority who have these delusions about Obama bringing on disaster is that, in fact, he averted disaster.

    • montanaconserv

      Wah Wah.. would you like some cheese with that whine? Please stop making Obama out like he’s our savior.. All he did and is doing is pouring gasoline on the flames – it was the DEMOCRATIC PARTY (there – I capitalized everything) that started the economic collapse in the first place. Thanks goes out to Barney “the Housing Market is just Fine” Frank, Chris “Yes, there are no problems with our Finances” Dodd, and Scary Nancy “you have to read it to know what’s in it” Pelosi…

      If you want to learn more about how the world economy is crashing and see the real numbers, go here –

      All I ask is that you pull your head out of your proverbial behind, and take a look around you. The economy sucks. We never came out of a recession. GM is LOSING money – actually it’s hemorrhaging money – Robbing Peter to pay Paul… Fiat is about ready to move all of Chrysler manufacturing to Italy…

      • Who’s whining? I’m not. I’m dancing for joy and gloating! Why should I complain? Obama (and America) won! You Delusionals LOST!! 🙂 🙂

        No, you are not supposed to capitalize all the letters in “Democratic” or “Republican,” just the first letters. Glad to help. Once you master spelling, we can start on logic.

        No, the economic collapse was the result of many years of reckless deregulation. The Clinton administration deserves some of the blame, but it was really all about the way policy in Washington began to reflect the crazy Ayn Rand idea that the capitalist system can work without government regulation. As Mitt Romney said (one of the few things he said that was true): “Regulation is essential. You can’t have a free market work without regulation.”

        Yes, the economy is still bad. But over the last four years things have gotten better. You forget that in 2008 we were on the verge of a world-wide economic collapse. Obama pulled us back from the brink.

        You are like someone whose life is saved by a doctor, and who then has a long, painful recovery. And then you blame the long, painful recovery … on the same doctor!

      • EndthePain

        He’s just here trolling now. He has no desire to partake of a logical debate. I see guys like this all the time.

        Just like Clinton balanced the budget. Yeah…the GOP was in charge of the house and senate during his last term.

        Pay particular attention to the years….1995-2000 you know most of his second term.

        Additonally it was during this time that the boom occurred…and of course its Clinton who was its champion….you know the branch of legislature that enacts NO legislation.

        Actually Bush recapitalized the banks. This moron cant even get that right. Obama recapitalized his own cronies who got him elected.

        To wit:The TARP program was created in 2008 to stabilize the financial system. The Treasury Department has committed more than $500 billion to more than 800 firms through the program. While Mr. Obama did not enact TARP, his administration has largely been responsible for administering it.

        The idea is the Lenin principal of a lie repeated a billion times becomes the truth.

        The stimulus however was Obama’s baby and that just went to his cronies who gave him money and got him elected but of course if it wasnt for the 1 trillion in spending we would have surely went over the cliff.

        A lie told often enough………

        • EndthePain

          Additionally if you pay close attention to the balance of power you will see that the HOUSE and SENATE were taken over by the democrats at the start of 2007. They remained in full controll from 2007-2008 when the economic debacle occurred.

          What was going on in January of 2007 when the Democrats took charge.

          1. Unemployment….The number of unemployed persons (7.0 million) and the unemployment rate (4.6 percent) were about unchanged in January 2007 compared with December 2006.

          2. 1st quarter growth rate January-March 2007….. Subsequently, the Commerce Department on Friday said the economy grew at a tepid 1.3% annual pace in the first three months of 2007, the slowest in four years. The report, along with data showing rising wages, leaves Fed officials caught between low growth and too-high inflation.

          3. What was the first thing the DEMOCRATIC congress did when taking power in January 2007?

          NEW YORK ( — The House of Representatives passed the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 by a wide margin on Wednesday afternoon.

          The bill raises the minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $7.25 per hour in three increments over two years and two months.

          The direct result? Slow growth and the onset of the meltdown. Cause and effect?

          Economic Growth Oct-Dec. 2006..the quarter prior to the Dems taking power…….

          On February 28 the BEA reported that real GDP growth in the final three months of 2006 was running at a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 2.2 percent.

          But of course the entire debacle was the GOPs fault and Bush’s fault and everything bad that happened everywhere ever is all the Rights fault….

          Lenins principal…a lie told often enough becomes the truth.

          • This is a little bit of progress, anyway. At least claiming that the minimum wage increase caused the financial collapse is an argument, if not a very good one. That’s an improvement over calling people names. Now we could actually examine whether the economic impact of the wage increase contributed to the financial collapse. We could work together to search for the truth about all this.

  • Please read the following article with an open mind. Thank you.

  • Well summed, that has been actually an example for what too much liberty can cause in a society…these are hard times, a good leader is more necessary than ever, and people still believe in wonders…

  • EndthePain

    Do you understand the point I made about this logical fallacy?

    Do you understand the point I made about you being a communist?

    • Yes, but I’m not a communist. I am a liberal. There is a difference.

      Now, do you understand the point I made about the logical fallacy? Just because communists say they want justice and liberals say we want justice, that does not mean that liberals are communists.

      How can we have sensible, fair discussion of politics in this country if you keep calling us liberals things we are not. You don’t even understand (and, as far a s I can tell, you do not want to understand) what we liberals actually believe.