Rush Limbaugh: The Caller Who Stayed Home On Election Day – Refused to Vote for a Moderate

We’ve established that about three million Republicans stayed home on election day. One of those Republicans called Rush Limbaugh today. At the end of the conversation with this person from Livonia, Michigan, Rush closes with: “If there’s a 70% chance of curing your cancer, but you hold out for a hundred percent, is that what you would do?  Or would you go for the 70% chance?  Takes all kinds.” Personally, I think fraud and corruption had a whole lot to do with November 6, 2012.

Rush Limbaugh

Begin Rush Transcript:

CALLER:  Well, Rush —

RUSH:  So I know you’ve been here before.

CALLER:  Yes.  And I appreciate it.  I appreciate you took my call.  Rush, the establishment Republicans just don’t understand us voters out here.  Now, I’m a conservative, I’m a constitutionalist, I believe in the traditional view of marriage, and I’m also pro-life.  I’ve always voted, up until now, Republican.  But I’m telling you, Rush, and I’m telling all those Republicans out there that don’t get it, I will not vote for another moderate.  If you want to lose my vote, all you have to say is, “I’m willing to reach across the aisle.”

RUSH:  Can I ask you a question?  I want you to be very honest with me on this.

CALLER:  Sure.

RUSH:  This is not a trick.  This is for my own edification.  I noticed, I pointed out to Kathryn, the last two weeks of this campaign — it might have been the last three weeks — but Romney started focusing on and using that phrase, “Reaching across the aisle.”  Now, were you with Romney at any point in this campaign and then decided not to vote, or were you always opposed after Romney got the nomination?

CALLER:  I was opposed to Romney because I knew he was a moderate from the beginning.  I knew not only Romney, but other Republicans —

RUSH:  How could you do this, though, knowing full well what the alternative was.  Mitt Romney isn’t the problem.  Mitt Romney would not have been the problem.  How could you essentially vote for Barack Obama?

CALLER:  I did not vote directly for Barack Obama, but I understand what you’re saying.  I cast a vote, Rush, I knew my candidate couldn’t win for the Constitution Party candidate only because there again, what do the Democrats have to offer?  The destruction of our country because they’re statists.  Now, if you’re gonna tell me you’re a Republican candidate, that you want to reach across the aisle, you, like John Boehner, want to go and play golf with the president, I can’t support you in that case, Rush.

RUSH:  No matter what?

CALLER:  No.  Because we’ve seen the destruction to our country that has occurred, and —

RUSH:  Yeah.  We have and you know, you know now, we got four more years of it, or at least two.  This could have been arrested.  There is no comparison, Mitt Romney to Barack Obama.  Look, I know you’re part of the three million that stayed home, and I understand the principle involved.  I do.  Let me ask you, and there’s no way you can know, I just want your opinion.  Of the three million Republican voters that stayed home, do you think most of them are like you, that they are just dissatisfied that the Republicans nominated what you thought was another moderate?

CALLER:  Yes.  I really believe, since from our point of view, the moderate is not going to fix the problems that our country needs to have fixed, but continue along the same lines.  Yes, I think that as long as —

RUSH:  Romney did not want to continue these policies on jobs, government spending, and all this sort of stuff.  Did you not believe him when he said what he said about creating jobs and reducing government and so forth?  You didn’t believe him?


CALLER:  Well, Rush, the last four years, for example, every time the debt ceiling was hit, the Republicans, unfortunately, voted to raise it again.  We need to get conservative Republicans in Washington.  And if the Republican Party wants the vote, the support of conservatives like myself, they’ve gotta get conservatives to run.  If they don’t want to win the White House, if they don’t want to control Washington, then just keep doing what they’re doing.RUSH:  So you engaged in a protest vote, essentially, and you did so in sufficient numbers that you have secured the reelection of somebody truly destructive of the traditional, as founded, American way of life.  How do you live with that?

CALLER:  Well, because I feel —

RUSH:  Because you’re you making the perfect — it wasn’t on the ballot this year, the perfect wasn’t on the ballot.

CALLER:  Well, Rush, I think that the way the three million people looked at it, a moderate Republican will still lead our country over the cliff.  Not as quickly, not as fast, but over the cliff.  If we’re gonna be going over the cliff at a hundred miles an hour, which is under Obama, or 70 miles an hour, which is under a moderate Republican, we’re still going over the cliff.

RUSH:  So you just want to get it over with?

CALLER:  Well, I want us to get the Republican leadership to wake up, and we’ve gotta get conservatives.

RUSH:  Ken, I hate to tell you, but that’s not the message they’re taking from this election, as you know, if you’ve been listening to the program today.  They know that three million didn’t show up.  If they come to believe that the three million didn’t show up because they don’t like moderates, they’re just gonna get mad at you like the Democrats get mad.  At least what I’ve seen so far on TV, and read, and is coming from the so-called conservative media, the Republicans think they goofed up by failing to get the Hispanic vote and the single women vote.  They think they goofed up on the demography side, which tells me that you’re gonna continue to be pretty unhappy with the direction they go.

CALLER:  Well, the establishment of the Republican Party has unfortunately been in Washington too long —

RUSH:  Well, I’m just gonna tell you, look, I understand what you’re doing, but you gave us Bill Clinton, and now Barack Obama.  Your vote is your vote.  I understand.  I saw this figure, I saw this three million didn’t show up. I saw it yesterday morning.  It didn’t register.  I even mentioned it at the beginning of this program.  It didn’t register ’til last night when I compared it.  Had you guys all shown up, Romney would have beat Obama, popular vote, by 180 thousand.  Those are hard numbers, real hard numbers.  I don’t know what it would have meant Electoral College-wise.  Anyway, I gotta go.  Ken, thanks for the call.  Back after this.


RUSH: If there’s a 70% chance of curing your cancer, but you hold out for a hundred percent, is that what you would do?  Or would you go for the 70% chance?  Takes all kinds.



  • Xavier

    The country’s going down the shitter but at least the caller can be smug about standing by his principles.

    • brit

      … and the US’s grave.

  • And Evangelicals voted for Obama. Go figure.

  • EndthePain

    I have made this argument for several years now.

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s the party in power ran the show. They passed legislation and their was little the right could do about it because the Democrats were pretty much in charge.

    Then When LBJ ran amuck with the great society and the war in Vietnam….Nixon came to power and Barry Goldwater gave conservativism a voice…and identity.
    With the exception of Carter and a veto proof majority for 2 years just as Obama had….the GOP right has had a lot of power given to them by this country and what has it gotten us.

    ZIP…ZERO….ZILCH. Bush didnt start but he persued two wars with a grand theme of war on Terror….Just as LBJ essentially started a war in Vietnam…it ultimately got the Dems kicked from power for over a decade.

    The GOP is going to feel this just as the DEMS did with Nixon being given the reins but then majorly blew it by having to be the first president ever to resign from office.

    Carter for 4 with a veto proof congress did very little other then stagger around and with their policies they gave us 20 percent interest rates, massive inflation and high unemployment.

    Reagan was elected…..Veto proof dems saw their massive leads in the house and senate evaporate….The conservative right gainned power because.?????

    Because the RIGHT let the LEFT do what they thought was right….the country suffered…the world suffered…….Americans suffered.

    Today we have the same situation but rather then let the democrats shoot themselves in the foot……..the RIGHT has fought them and turned a sure win into major loses.

    Let the Democrats HAVE WHAT THEY WANT….They will trash the economy…they will trash this country and Americans everywhere will turn to the GOP for salvation.

    Let the democrats in the house form a budget….form a tax bill……divy out billions to battery cars and windmills…let them remove subsidies for oil companies….let them punish all their pet peeves…….

    And when the economy looks like it did under Carter the people will throw them out and ask us to fix it.

    Let the left have what they want….stand aside..let them shoot themselves in the foot.

    Right now the right has turned a mini gun on themselves……well stand aside…shut up….and let the left rule……and in 2-4 years the country will be begging the GOP to take over.

    I guarantee it.

    • SunSword

      You guarantee it? Silly rabbit! “The country” as you put it will simply continue in the direction of the zombie apocalypse. Look at Europe. Look at Greece. That is the future.

  • EndthePain

    The Democrats are ugly toward rich people….well theres like 10,000 rich people in the country so its not like thats losing them any votes. Most Americans are not rich and are struggling to get by. Why not tax the rich a few more percent….YES I GET IT….but obviously the voters did not.

    So let the DEMS shoot themselves in the foot.

    Lets see the Democrats are angry against:

    corporations…non entities
    global warming…non entity
    Oil industry…non entity.
    religion…..non entity.
    HUGE DEFENSE BUDGET…non entity that does not hurt poor downtrodden Americans if we cut it…or at least thats what average Americans believe.

    ON the other hand, the GOP is angry against:

    Single mothers.
    Planned parenthood.

    Or in other words pretty much every women and child in America and half the men.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Left VERY CLEVERLY has disguised their anger at THINGs…where the GOP seems to have directed their anger at PEOPLE.

    We lose. Alinsky’d into the pavement. I keep saying we have to learn to master Alinsky. The right needs to repackage their ideas so that the American people do not feel as if the GOP hates them and wants them to suffer.

    When we do that…when we master Alinsky…when we master the art of War…when we are seen as a party of compassion and

    When the DEMS fail miserably when we turn them lose in the candy store…then we will win…other wise we will continue to lose every major election because the DEMS will brand us and we will nod in agreement and the people WILL NOT SAY AMEN!

  • delta wing

    The Neocon Republicans are not actually conservatives- they came from the Democratic party when Reagan brought them in. They dont care about the conservative base. They only care about getting enough voters of any variety who they can use to sell war, giant armies that no one pays for, and will allow them to borrow from China to fund this mess.

    I voted for Virgil Goode in Virginia, as did my wife and my son. My neighbors who were Romney Republicans also told me they voted for Virgil Goode after I talked to them about him.

    The Republicans the day after their NEOCON platform collapsed on them and lost the election began a full-court push of AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS. Trusting the Neocons to do the right thing was stupid for YOU to do, because they betrayed you the DAY AFTER you no longer were needed to cast a vote for them and want to court illegal mexicans (who they will have almost NO success with)

    Those of us who voted Constitution Party understood that we cant survive with reliance on corrupt Neocon republicans who are liars and frauds, just like democrats. We must have a actual domestic, american conservative party that is not designed to be a puppet of israel-firsters and global speculators.

    That party can never be the corrupted Republicans, as they showed you the day after the election when they betrayed all you “loyal repub voters” by slapping you in the face and endorsing amnesty for tens of millions of illegals while unemployment of legal citizens is massive.

  • ex-repub

    The core problem this/future elections for repubs in HONESTY=

    The Neocon Repubs are all foreign-policy/Military, ALL THE TIME,

    While actual voters who dont spend all day trolling the internet are nearly 100% interested exclusively in DOMESTIC issues, and primarily jobs/employment.

    The Democrats could have been beaten easily by any party that focused on strictly ending outsourcing to red china, building the domestic industrial base, and domestic jobs.

    The repubs only care about things that they are paid to care about= war and foreign policy and at this stage of economic devastation, that wont sell anymore. I really dont care what the Repubs do or dont do at this point, because they are simply not a viable national party.
    They can win in rigged congressional disctricts where the avg voter is all 70 years old, rural social security recipients but they cant win nationally with the same war/israel platform. No one is interested.

    Chastising people for not coming out and voting for ‘your’ candidate is class-less, and shows why you lost in the first place, which is that you did not include the wishes of base into the platform, and instead included ONLY the wishes of paying lobbyists.

    The Ron Paul libertarian-right voters all voted for Merlin Miller, Gary Johnson, or Virgil Goode. The FOX Neocons spent months insulting Paul Voters, mocking them, calling them anti-semites, wackos, loonies, and running them off of the media outlets.. At that time, I told people that the Neocon war-Repubs better really enjoy there insults and attacks on Paul voters, and mockery of his platform, because it just cost you the election since you will get only 4-5% of his voters who were 10% of the Republican Primary.

    With that extra Paul Conservative (but anti-neocon wars) vote, you would be the winner today. Its the Neocons platform that is the loser and it will drag the neocons down as long as the Neocon platform hangs like a millstone around their necks.

  • EndthePain

    The preceeding two posts are classical examples of the Right being defined and the right MUM….SILENCE…with nothing to say…..

    So I guess it must be true then… the posters above pointed out the right is only interested in X and Y and Z.

    oh and the Alinsky has already begun from them….Notice we are now all Neocons again if we do not agree with essentially the DEMOCRATS leftist platform.

    Over the next 2 years learn the Alinsky Playbook folks or you really will be watching America fall to the leftist socialist policies.