Obama Won: Las Vegas Employer Fires 22 – Virginia Jeweler Closes to Mourn – Dispirited Dave Siegel Gives Raises

A Las Vegas business owner who wants to remain anonymous in a town with union thugs roaming casino floors and sidewalks, has fired 22 of his 114 employees, saying “elections have consequences” and “at the end of the day, I need to survive.” In Virginia a jeweler shut down for the day to “mourn” the loss of the country our Founders “endowed to us” with the re-election of Barack Obama.

Protein Wisdom reports Boeing downsizing.

I haven’t heard a word from casino mogul Steve Wynn who has supported Harry Reid but said “I’ll be damned if I want him [Obama] to lecture me about small business and jobs.” Wynn was criticized for providing employees, largely union members, with his thoughts on the consequences of the election. Nevermind that Union bosses have their own thoughts, Wynn, who pays them, was denigrated for expressing his.

David Siegel the employer of 7,000 under his Westgate umbrella had asked his employees to vote for Romney so that he wouldn’t have to fire, layoff or cut projects in planning. Today, he says he is not optimistic, thinks there will never again be a Republican president but gave his employees a 5% raise after the election to “help them handle the additional burdens the government will put on them.”

What did you say to them today?
I sent everyone a nice letter today telling them I’m going to work my butt off to keep things going. I wish them well. I told them how important they are to me and I hope things are going to be better than I expect. I don’t want to fulfill my own prophecy.

That’s the American spirit at work, but we all know there are ways to kill that spirit which has been the backbone of our nation. I’s going to take all the backbone and spine we have to keep that spirit alive. I’ll say it again: our freedom hinges now on Supreme Court nominations and that hinge is fatally broken.

  • Hi Maggie, I am having a little difficulty publishing posts after Tuesday’s election results as I ponder where we go from here. While reading various reports and commentary on the election I find a couple of things rise to the level of significant.

    According to data available at Townhall dot com Obama had about 60 million votes and Romney had about 57 million. Of about 118 million votes cast Romney lost by less than 3 million.

    Even the ‘state run media’ (credit: Rush Limbaugh)suggests we are now a fifty-fifty nation. I don’t care about the demographic breakdown on voting in this election. I don’t care that perhaps 72% of the electorate that participated was white. I don’t care that Obama won with Hispanics. I don’t care that Obama won with women. I don’t care about any of that.

    Lindsey Lohan’s endorsement of Romney was characterized as a ‘low information voter’ response. I believe most voters of the 118 million who voted fall in that category. All you have to do is review the ISI’s survey to understand most American no precious little about their country’s history. I, for one, passed my first ISI quiz with a score just under 80%. Most POLS scored less than half of that.

    My point is this. In recent elections, most Americans have voted someone else’s pocketbook rather than their own. As stated on Limbaugh’s show, how could Romney be expected to win against the Santa strategy. It has happened that most Americans feel entitled to some degree of standard of living solely based on the fact they live here. Anyone who stands for our nation’s founding principles is viewed as a racist, homophobe, xenophobe and worse. To ask the majority of voters to endorse the idea that we are all responsible for our own fate through hard work and discipline is an idea rejected since the passing of most of those from America’s greatest generation of whom my parents were members.

    They passed their understanding of this onto their children of which, of course, I am one. Too many ‘American families’ have not done the same. Therefore, a genuinely good man, with a long history of success, who advocated for these principles was rejected last Tuesday.

    Our country is in serious trouble. Perhaps more for what I have described here than the fiscal issues that may well wreak havoc in the next few years with a liberal radical and his minions in control of what happens next.

    Conservatives need to ‘double down’ on resisting the liberal agenda. My only fear is that they will not.

  • I know people are dispirited, but the real scandal here(what, only one scandal she asks metaphorically?)is that Romney won this election. The numbers do not add up. What really happened is the election was stolen using the e-voting machines with NO paper trail used in many of the swing states. These machines have virtually no security. It’s been shown time and time again, how easy it is to steal votes.

    “For years, researchers have been aware of numerous security flaws in electronic voting machines. They’ve found ways to hack the machines to swap votes between candidates, reject ballots or accept 50,000 votes from a precinct with just 100 voters.

    In 2008, researchers at Princeton University found that it took seven minutes, using simple tools, to install a different computer program in a voting machine “that steals votes from one party’s candidates, and gives them to another.” That machine, the Sequoia Avantage, is still used in at least six states by 9 million voters, according to Roger Johnston, who heads the vulnerability assessment team at Argonne National Laboratory.”

    • People need to know, the 2012 presidential election was hacked using bad code to manipulate votes. Romney didn’t lose and neither did West. West vote tally got caught up in the scandal. He’s fighting for recount, as he should.

      Tuesday’s election was a replay of 2004. Here’s a primer on how it was done.

      Court Filing Reveals How 2004 Ohio Presidential Election was Hacked: “Unexpected Shift in Votes For George


      Also see

      How to Hack an Election and Steal the Vote. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2006/10/evoting/2/

      West needs to continue fighting!!!!!

      BTW, gotta say, “OPPS” in the comment above, meant to say rhetorically not metaphorically.