Mia Love: African America GOP Woman in Republican District Loses to Democrat

Mia Love

Today as we are lectured that the GOP is not inclusive enough, Mia Love, the Black sitting Mayor in the town of Saratoga Springs, Utah has lost her bid for the U.S. House to incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson.  Utah’s 2nd District is the most GOP-leaning district in the country to be represented by a Democrat. Matheson is the only Democrat in Utah’s delegation of six. He won with 49.3% of votes over Love’s 48.1%.

Love, who is married to a White man and is a Mormon convert, was/is a “rising star” in the GOP. We haven’t heard the last of Mia Love who is an inspiring, passionate speaker who has proven to be a fiscal leader in her community.

  • Neocon COLLAPSE

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  • Miss Butler

    people wanted policies for American workers.
    Instead, Mitt Repubs gave them policies for outsourcing global companies and Israelis who wanted the USA to fight their opponents for them.

    Did not take a genius to see this was going to fail outside of the 80 year old talk radio listening zombies who live off of the govt and dont care.