Meanwhile in San Francisco- The Usual Madness

By Special Guest Writer

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Pro Israel Bay Bloggers
As the fighting escalates in the Middle East, the usual pro-Palestinian forces and their useful idiot American supporters have turned out in San Francisco to condemn Israel. Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers has two useful links with videos. Of course, anti-Semitism is never far below the surface as one woman screams, “F- You, Jew“. In the 2nd link, the crowd is chanting, “Zionist scum, your time has come.”

This, of course, is just like the last go-around in Gaza when mostly Arab crowds in LA, San Francisco and Ft Lauderdale were crying, “Jews-back to the ovens”, “Hitler rest in peace”, and “Jews as fossil fuel”. It is foul and disgusting and has no place in our country.

One hardly knows what to say when we hear these words in the streets of American cities directed toward our own Jewish citizens.

On second thought, I do know what to say.

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