Mark Levin: Do Not Accept Bipartisanship in Pursuit of Tyranny – Karl Rove’s An Idiot – Ideas for Immigration (Transcript)

I agree with Mark Levin’s position in his rant the day after the elections. If we don’t stand for something, we don’t stand for anything. If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything, so when Levin says, “we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny,” I am jubilant. We need a definition of “Conservatism” and a party to represent it. The full Levin video is below along with my loose transcript. Please do not miss the very last part about immigration. I take it seriously. How about you?

Mark Levin

Pullout Quote regarding the election:

That’s what it is. And tyranny won [the election]. We’re not rolling over and playing dead, but let’s not pretend that something terrible didn’t happen last night. It happened and it’s terrible.

Begin loose transcript:

We conservatives, we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny

We will not negotiate the terms of our economic and political servitude.

We will not abandon our children to a dark and bleak future.

We will not accept a fate that is alien to the legacy we inherited from every single generation in this   country.

We will not accept social engineering by politicians and bureaucrats who treat us like lab rats rather than self-sufficient independent human beings.

There are those in this country who choose tyranny over liberty. They do not speak for us. 57M of us voted against this [Obama] and they do not get to dictate to us under our Constitution.

We are the alternative. We will resist. We are not going to surrender to this. We will not be passive. We will not be compliant in our own demise. We are not good losers. You better believe we’re soar losers. A good loser is a loser forever.

Now I hear we are called Purists. Conservatives are called Purists. The very people who keep nominating moderates now call us Purists, the way the left calls us Purists. Things like liberty and property rights, individual sovereignty and the constitution and capitalism – we’re Purists now and we have to hear this crap from Conservatives and pseudo-Conservatives and Republicans.

Millions of people who voted in 2008 did not vote this time. Romney received 2.5M votes less than  McCain, McCain-Palin I should say, four years ago. Why is that?

During the Republican primaries you could see this coming in many ways. We had to deal with what we had to deal with, but we could see it coming. We could see that Mitt Romney – and by the way, all day long people are saying that he is a decent guy with a wonderful family. I don’t dispute that. In fact, most people in this country are decent guys and gals with wonderful families. I have no personal animus toward this man in any respect, but he’s not a Conservative and to hear Conservatives and to hear commentators on our favorite cable channels and radio tell us he is Conservative – Romney has Libertarian and Conservatives ideas, and on and on and on – I supported Romney on his immigration ideas, which by the way he never stated in his last two months of the general election.

We did the best we could to support a man who is not a Conservative to defeat Obama because he is destructive of this nation and it’s very fiber. So let’s speak the truth. Let’s have intellectual integrity and state exactly what happened and how it happened.

I’ve been saying, I wrote a whole book – we now live in Ameritopia, not America. We love our founding. We love everything related to our heritage that has brought us to this wonderful place, but it’s Ameritopia, it’s not America. It’s a Post-Constitutional Republic.

When you have Supreme Court Rule that Congress and the President have the power to order you to purchase a product you don’t want, then you know your liberty is in deep trouble. And it is. And the relationship between the government and the individual citizen was upheld, with the government treating us as subjects by a Supreme Court justice appointed by George Bush, worked in the Reagan administration, and he turned his back on liberty and the Constitution and there’s no way to explain it otherwise.

The vast majority of conservative commentators and conservative websites, completely ignored my argument [that this is Ameritopia] and now they are all wringing their hands about how the people have changed, about how the country has changed. Yes. I think we know this.

And then when you point out the obvious before the election, and you write about it at great length and provide all the evidence that needs to be provided to prove a point, you’re called fatalistic, or negative. I’m not fatalistic or negative. I’m real-world baby. I see what’s going on right in front of my eyes. IT’S CALLED TYRANNY.

That’s what it is. And tyranny won [the election]. We’re not rolling over and playing dead, but let’s not pretend that something terrible didn’t happen last night. It happened and it’s terrible.

Now, we’re not going to roll-over. We need a little rest, but the Left never rests. Their agenda is always being pressed, so I have a couple of thoughts.

I’ve heard it said that we lost the election because of the power of incumbents. I want to address a few of these because I am sick and tired of the spinners and the deceivers who are all over TV telling us what they think, like we give a damn.

Do incumbents ever lose? Ford was an incumbent and he lost to Carter. Carter was an incumbent and he lost to Reagan. Bush 41 was an incumbent. He lost to Clinton. Gee! It never happens EXCEPT FOUR TIMES IN THE LAST 30 YEARS. So that can’t be it.

Well, we nominated all these Purists to the Senate, like you know, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. Richard Mourdock who was undermined by the Republican establishment in Indiana starting with Dick Lugar. The same people who attacked him didn’t bend a finger to help him get elected.

Let’s talk about this. I’m sick of this attack on the TEA Party and Conservatives. Scott Brown lost. Liberal. Linda McMahon lost. Liberal. Tommy Thompson lost. Moderate. There are others. More Moderate and Liberal Republicans running for the U.S. Senate lost than TEA Party candidates, but you don’t hear that, do you? Berg in North Dakota, Lingle in Hawaii and I can go down the list but you won’t hear it. You want to know why? Because no matter what happens the TEA Party is attacked. No matter what happens, Reagan Conservatives are attacked.

Big game going on in Washington, D.C., even in the new Conservative media with these frauds who get on and keep putting down Conservativism and the Conservative Movement. This wasn’t an election about Conservatism. As a matter of fact, the Romney campaign was being praised. Talk about bipartisanship, talk about immigration. Don’t talk about across-the-board tax cuts. Talk about the middle class. Don’t talk about repealing ObamaCare. Talk about repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

Immigration: All day long – I am sick and tired of these former Bush guys guys on television telling us what we ought to do. The TEA Party rose up – not in reaction to Barack Obama’s election, but in reaction to George Bush’s final months. George Bush was the first to nationalize GM and Chrysler. George Bush pushed TARP. George Bush was fielding bailouts left and right. Just as Herbert Hoover laid the foundation for FDR, George Bush laid the foundation for Barack Obama. George Bush created $4B in debt in 4 years and Obama’s at $6T in four years.

These Repubicans who work for him, and by the way, a very decent man, just like Romney, they are all over the place, telling us what we need to do.

What we need to do? They need to get the hell out of the way and shut the hell up, but they won’t, because we’re Purists, you see and they are rational.

This immigration issue: changing demographics. Republicans have to come to grips with this. We Conservatives have several answers.

No. 1: Secure the border. Every single nation in the world tries to secure it’s border, to prevent crime, for national security reasons. We’ve been hit, more than once. Secure the borders so that we have a respite and can address the issue of immigration and illegal immigration, but they won’t do it. Why? Why won’t the politicians do it? Because they want to change the demographics of the nation. That’s why. The Democrat party benefits from it, and Republicans in Washington and the establishment – they don’t know how to deal with it, so what do? They attack us. So it’s nobleler to be an illegal alien who comes across the border illegally, and we should confer benefits  on you than it is to be a citizen whose success is due to the government, and who is too wealthy and whose money should be removed from him and redistributed to somebody else.

In other words, the citizen is degraded and the illegal alien is noble. That’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? But I have an idea. If the goal here is to change the demographics of the nation, then let’s change the demographics of the nation.

You idiots in the GOP: Karl Rove, a quarter of a million dollars you raised, well spent obviously, why don’t you go to the consulates all over our country, go to the embassies, or better yet, go overseas. Go to the East Bloc to the people who lived behind the Iron Curtain and tell them, come to our country. Come by the millions. Go to the Cubans – if you can get out, come by the tens of thousands. Tell the Venezuelans, come by the tens of thousands. Tell the Indians in India, come to the United States. All those countries. Come and then we will get you citizenship and we will register you as Republicans.

Where is it written that America can only accept individuals from the Third World, the vast majority of which, not all, the vast majority of whom are impoverished and illiterate. Where is it written that those the only immigrants, or illegal immigrants that we can accept?

I say, let us import individuals from parts of the world who I know are going to register Republican. What do you think of that idea everybody?

End loose transcription of Levin audio.

I do not accept bipartisanship in pursuit of tyranny!

Mark Levin on 2012 Election Loss (video) Thanks to Right Scoop

  • Karl Rove is an IDIOT? Hardly. I’ve met a few idiots, and they at least were honest.

  • aitan

    Levin needs to talk to his “buddy” Hannity.

    Hannity is openly pushing for Illegal Alien Amnesty. The same Hannity who repeated over and over that Mitt Romney would win by a large margin, now is predicting that if the Republican party goes along with Illegal alien amnesty, they will get all kinds of Hispanic voters.

    Hannity was wrong completely in his election prediction and he wrong again now. This is simply proof that the Neocons dont care about domestic policy, they are stricly foreign policy war promoters which is why they cant get anyone of any race who us under 35 to vote for them anymore.

    They are down to the extremely stupid.

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