Mark Basseley Youssef Anti-Islam Filmmaker Sentenced to Year in Prison aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

Mark Basseley Youssef, or Sam Bacile or Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, as he was identified after the attack on our Benghazi Consulate, has been sentenced to one year in prison. Youssef/Nakoula was already on parole for bank fraud after opening bank accounts using alias’ which had nothing to do with the anti-Islam video the Obama administration routinely blamed for the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Mark Bassely Youssef or Nakoula Bassely Nakoula or Sam Bacile

We must never forget that this man filmed a video – a simple and amateurish YouTube video about Islam, and was jailed for his freedom of speech by the Obama administration, on the assumption that the videomaker offended Muslims. None of Youssef/Nakoula’s past matters. None of his past had anything to do with this latest arrest. His past was the administration’s vehicle to punishing him for offending Islam.

Muslim Jihadists put out a Fatwa on the life of Youssef/Nakoula and everyone associated with the video, including the actors, some of whom say they hadn’t a clue the film was about Muslims or the ‘Innocence of Musims’ as the film was named. Pakistan has a $97,416.00 bounty on him, and the Fatwa calls for all young Muslim American to carry out the murders. Youssef/Nakoula may be safe behind bars for the next year, although our Muslim prison populations are nothing to blink at. The others associated with the film should watch their backs, because this administration is doing nothing to protect them or warn the terrorists of the consequences of harming innocent Americans.

We have four more years of Obama, and as we heard during the presidential debates, Obama is easily “offended,” (his own words), not the least when we dare question his decision to blame the Consulate attack and American deaths on Youssef/Nakoula. He was also offended at the suggestion that he and/or his administration orchestrated leaks of classified intelligence information to boost his presidential campaign.

When Obama’s people start going through their stacks of targeted blog posts, with four long years stretching ahead of us, who among us will also be jailed or shutdown for offending him personally or for offending Islam? Read the sentencing details here.

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    To anti-islamophobe, I’m deleting your comment for obscene accusations and commentary that have no place here, but I will answer your question: yes I am defending the man’s freedom of speech, and I assure you, I will not be burning in hell.