Kennedy in the House: Joe Kennedy III Wins Barney Frank House Seat for Massachusetts

Joseph Kennedy III

Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass) won the Massachusetts U.S. House seat vacated by Democrat Barney Frank, defeating Republican Sean Bielat. Kennedy III is the grandson of Ethel Kennedy and RFK , John F. Kennedy’s brother, a former U.S. Senator and U.S. Attorney General, who was assassinated during a primary Presidential bid in 1968. The IIIrd is the son of Joseph P. Kennedy II, also a former Democrat U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts, and the nephew of Teddy Kennedy. The House and Senate has been void of a Kennedy family member since Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) resigned his seat in 2011. Source: TodaysHTV Photo Credit: The Economist

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  • findalis

    This is due to the Kennedy name not for any reason or ability. Joe Kennedy III will has a job for life now. Nothing will ever unseat him.

  • Zoe Brain

    This kind of nepotism isn’t healthy. You’re slowly getting to the stage of having hereditary congressional seats. I hope the trend reverses.