Have You Voted Yet?

Go Out And Vote!!!!!!!!!



  • I single handedly cancelled the vote of Debbie What’shername Schultz in Florida.

  • Yes, I voted at 7:01am, and was done by 7:08. Go ROMNEY!

  • Maggie, Findalis,
    G-d Bless!
    …and thanks.

  • I’m going to the polls here in my small town in Montana in about 10 minutes.. If there are any Black Panthers, or skin heads outside my polling station.. I’ll bring them a cup of coffee and donuts.. then walk right in and vote.. for President Mitt Romney.. Don’t that sound great?

    • Sounds wonderful. Kill the cat with kindness. And vote for a real man for President.

      Voted early and the polls were heavy but no real line. No Black Panthers (Grey Panthers were in abundance.) and no skin heads. There were a lot of kids with their parents to vote and the electronic machines had a long line. I voted via paper ballot. No chance of a wrongly counted vote.

      • Big turn out here in Ennis Montana.. at the county polling station.. at one point a line clear around the fire station.. A friend of mine who lives in the county, said he’d never seen that kind of turn out ever.. I drove by and saw the parking lot full.. I’m sure the inside of the fire station was packed..
        I walked into where I vote and the building had a moderate crowd waiting to vote by the time I got done voting.. so they were just starting to hit the polls here in the town.. I was asked by a lady that has known me for years.. for my ID… and to confirm my address.. I didn’t feel put upon at all.. I voted.. and that was it.. Love it.
        Waited for a long time for this one.

  • This is the saddest day.. I’m lost.. just don’t understand this country anymore. Just don’t.

  • EndthePain


    I think this election finally proves a couple things. The tea party is libertarian and is bad for America…..

    The GOP agenda is too far right and too radical and it got us another ass-whooping in a NATIONAL election.

    The demographics of this nation has changed….Hispanics are rising, Single women and mothers is rising…..people want free stuff.

    RIP GOP……..you have proven yourselves irrelevant on the national stage once and for all.

    • Rest in peace GOP.. not a flippen chance.. I’ve just begun to stand for what I believe. Dead.. hell we’re just getting started … elections in two years.. we can rest control from the Democrats for the last two years of O’s Presidency. That’s what we start working for.
      As far as the Presidency.. next time around. We can no longer let the Republican old boys club, or the press, choose our candidates..
      Rest in peace..? The left only hopes..