Connie Mack Mary Bono Mack: Connie Mack Lost Senate Bid – Mary Mack Lost House Seat

Connie Mack IV and Mary Bono Mack

Republican Connie Mack IV lost his Florida Senate bid to incumbent Bill Nelson by 13 points. His wife, Mary (deceased Sonny Bono’s former wife), a Republican member of the U.S. House for California’s 45th District may have lost to Democrat Raul Ruiz. The Los Angeles Times at 9:40 am PST this morning called the race for Ruiz. The Miami Times at 12:30 pm EST says Mary “may” have lost.  All other reports I see have called it for Democrat Ruiz.

Connie Mack IV held the Florida U.S. House seat for Florida’s District 14. He is the son of Connie Mack III, a former Florida U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senator. He is the great-grandson of Connie Mack, a baseball Hall of Famer, as well as the great-grandson and great-great-grandson of Morris Sheppard and John Levi Sheppard, respectively a U.S. Senator from Texas and U.S. Congressman from Texas.

Mary Bono Mack represented California’s Riverside area which includes Palm Springs. At this time, a winner for Mack’s District 14 US House seat is still unnamed.

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  • Miss Butler

    Republicans want to cater to money-interests.
    What they need is to cater to actual AMERICAN working peoples’ interests.

    The Repubs tried to -again- use propaganda talking points and frank luntz style nonsense to sell the moneyed corporate and foreign interests as being the same as ‘americans’ interests, and they FAR outspent the democrats with superpac advertising trying to sell this story.

    It did not work. Too many working people have been devastated by the trade scams and crooked elite ripping off working people, and the time is now past when you could win elections on the votes of retired old people who dont get affected by these economic sell outs the Republicans get paid to adopt as their party platform.

    Not that any of the Repub pundits or elite will ever admit it, but-
    The Repubs were a foreign-policy and military platform,
    at a time when the actual americans were a domestic economy platform almost completely.