Bypassing Chris Christie for Veep Gets Obama a Congratulatory Call, Romney an Email: Ann Coulter No Gravitas?

Enough of the self-serving Governor Chris Christie. He was kinda cute when he dressed-down that teacher in a Townhall meeting, but hasn’t been so cute since. I don’t blame Christie for working hard for assistance for his state after a terrible storm, but he is an experienced politician and he knew what he was doing when he gave that huge spotlight to Barack Obama, in a unique way – just as everything about Christie is unique – just days before the most important election of our lifetime. Via The Lonely Conservative and Weasel Zippers, we find that this churlish man telephoned Barack Obama after the election to offer his congratulations. Mitt Romney got an email. While Christie claimed he didn’t want a Vice Presidential bid, now we know he did. Clearly payback. His rude behavior reveals who he is. His Party lost, his country lost. There’s no ambiguity there.

Barack Obama and Chris Christie

For all this, Obama and his administration did nothing for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, but he got plenty of worthless face time on television.

Ann Coulter wasn’t so cute when she was trying to push Christie on us either, and generally, yes I do think she’s a cutie and I often love her commentary. She got it wrong twice this election season, and if, as is being reported, Romney advisors kept him from becoming unleashed and hitting Obama hard on all those important issues he ignored, didn’t Ann have a direct line to him? Didn’t Coulter have the position of gravitas to sit down with those advisors and set them straight? So many questions that no longer matter. We’ve done what we’ve done.

  • Kathleen

    We can trust these people for about 5 minutes, I am losing all hope.

    • OldmanRick

      Five minutes? Seems to me that you are being overly optimistic.

  • I said months ago that if Romney didn’t get serious and expose Obama for what he is he would lose. I knew if Romney didn’t pull off a landslide victory … he would lose. I’m certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer but Ray Charles could see this coming.
    Christie is a bumbling, arrogant fool. I read one or two of Coulter’s books and she’s intelligent, but she is not a real conservative. The truth is, there really aren’t any real patriots in the talk show business … they are just as complicit as anyone else IMHO.
    Conservatives have played nice far too long and now we are in very deep do-do.

    • Steve, I have to laugh when I hear Karl Rove telling us what we need to do, and will do, before the 2016 elections. It’s death to conservatism and big pensions for politicians.

  • Sluggo

    Anyone paying close attention should have seen that Christie is just like every other politico…….first for Christie.

    After watching his me first convention speech I told my wife he was doing more to set him self up for a 2016 run (because he knew for a fact Romney was doomed) than he was doing what he was there to do….praise the nominee.

    Given a second chance he did exactly what he did the first time.

    No surpise there. But then again I’m not afraid to deny the scorpion a ride either…….

    • Sluggo, I agree that he is hoping for a run since it didn’t work this time, but Christie’s got nothing coming from true Conservatives, but he does have Ann Coulter (maybe).

  • Geo

    I’m probably going to be in a minority here, but I didn’t hold Christie responsible for what transpired after Sandy hit. In fact BloomTurd over in NYC told oblahma to take a hike and stay in New Jersey. It wasn’t going to change how either State voted.

    The problem lays with a totally uniformed electorate, as usual. A exit poll asked how much oblahma’s response to Sandy influenced their vote: “Somewhat” – 42%. . . “Very Important” – 15%. Here we are 11 days after the storm and people in both states have had no improvement and nobody is screaming about it.

    After the storm hit, Mitt went into hiding, oblahma put on a embossed bomber jacket and played President for a one hour photo shoot. Then the White House published tons of pictures from the “Situation Room” of him holding meetings. Then he sent out Bubba and Plugs on the campaign trail and beat the living crap out of Romney and he was nowhere to be found. While oblahma was holed up in the White House looking above the fray, while his henchmen bloodied team Romney.

    Fact of the matter and the crust of the problem is that Romney played rope a dope once the first debate ended. He was trying to run out the clock. He was being Mitt, a republican moderate.

    The “October Surprise” was named Sandy this cycle, it didn’t need a Christie to help out, Mitt just played along, unfortunately. There is just no explaining Ann, she must’ve fell on her head.

    • Geo, apologies for taking so long to respond. Sometimes my Mother needs a few days of attention and I get way behind 🙂 I agree with all you’ve said, but think Christie didn’t have to be quite so enthusiastic. He had his plate full and needed what he could get. He generously gave Obama the photo op. For 42% to say the storm influenced their vote is just the kind of voters we have today. They know nothing.

      Over and over I think back to who I supported before I had to support Romney. It’s painful to contemplate again.

  • Romney was very poorly served by his amatuer campaign advisors. He was warned many times but did not listen.

    Christie should just announce that he is a Democrat and get it over with!

    • Jim, advisors are there to advise, but not make the final decisions. If Romney was capable of being President, he should have been capable of making the final decision. He wouldn’t give a whit of credit to TEA Party ideas. That told me a lot about him.

  • Being a strong advocate for gun control and illegal immigration, I would look for him to become a Democrat. Obama got Bruce Springsteen to grant him an audience where he cried. Springsteen had always refused Christie’s requests to meet but Obama made it happen.

    • BobF, remember the lowered flag for Whitney Houston? Add to his advocacy putting Muslims in influential public service.

  • EndthePain

    Christie is doing nothing differently then Scott Brown did in Mass.

    They are both moderate Republicans elected in a state that is overwhelmingly BLUE and liberal.

    They have no conservative principals they only have Political principals. Politics comes first….principals comes second.

    Scott Brown voted against obama care as promised then pretty much caucused with the Democrats the next 2 years.

    Chris did what he had to in a state that is full of BLUE…had this happened in a state that was full of RED he would have acted very differently. His hug did not lose Romney the election.

    Romney letting the left DEFINE him for 5 months while he responded with BUH…BUH…BUH>..the economy is what cost Romney the election. If the right does not learn and master the Alinsky playbook then we will continue to lose ground until the ground to be made up is impossible to overcome.

  • EndthePain

    Seriously guys think about this for just one minute.

    Why did we win the 2010 elections so handily?

    Obamacare and Dodd/Frank.

    Obama did NOT raise a single tax. In FACT he CUT taxes and yet we ALINSKIED his party into the ground with the idea that he RAISED TAXES or was going to raise taxes dramatically.

    The democrats responded in town halls…they attempted to defend Obamacare and Dodd/Frank and could not…they were overwhelmed…they were HIT FROM ALL SIDES…they were forced to DEFEND their plan….they were hit with all kinds of irrelevant facts and figures…they were running helter skelter trying to put out little fires and they failed miserably.

    The people saw this ineptitude and they spoke.

    Fast Forward to 2012 election.

    The Left spent a year defining the right….then when Romney was elected the spent every last breath defining him for America.

    His tax returns…Bain Capital….HIS RECORD as governor….carrying dogs on top of his car…..Mormon…..

    The election did not become about Obama…it became about a fat cat rich mormon.

    They drove the debate, they made the narrative, they painted Romney as haters of women, blacks, hispanics, muslims, welfare, entitlements….etc…etc…etc.

    In other words THEY used ALINSKY…they DEFINED US….THEY hit us from all sides, we were the ones running around putting out fires.

    LEARN TO USE ALINSKY….learn it well….start defining the left….

    BUT EVEN MORE……….the right needs to learn to define itself in an inclusive way that includes singles, young, hispanics and blacks.

    Heck most hispanics are conservative…but they are terrified of the right because were all running around threatening to send them all home.

    Its time to come down off that WE HATE HISPANICS pedestal….engage in comprehensive immigration reform…..

    WE NEED TO DRIVE IT…get out front of it….show the hispanics that WE not the democrats who want to enslave them with welfare but WE are the ones that want them to prosper, work and be productive citizens of the US.

    Get to know a hispanic….folks…they are GOOD PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I know a lot of them and no I am not hispanic.

    • W.C Taqiyya

      Yep, that’s the ticket, just dial up the knob that says more love for Hispanics and Latinos. Then, adjust a few more knobs on the politically correct display and you can win. And remember, those magical displays are available in classic analog and the spiffy new Republican/Commie digital look!

      I enjoyed your comment Pain. And, maybe the Hispanics are good people. Deep down, all they want is success and that’s all that matters. I guess so. However, I particularly like your point that the rule of law doesn’t matter. You are correct, it doesn’t, not anymore. But, is that a good thing?

      I’m thinking maybe not. I’m thinking the fact that immigration controls don’t matter is a symptom of a culture in collapse, not a recipe for winning. So, if you think winning comes from wiping out the insignificantly small vestige of meaning still embodied in the term citizenship, you are delusional. But, delusion is the beating heart of Alinsky. So congratulations, you won! Up is down, losing is winning, surrender is victory and uncontrolled immigration and free everything means we all win. Hooray! Now, pay up sucker.

      • EndthePain

        Yes. I so enjoyed your response.

        Why did we lose?

        LET me give you an example. In 1984-1988 Jesse Jackson ran for president…he derided the left for not doing enough for blacks….The blacks and liberals were banging their puritan drums of liberalness…..The country voted for Reagan….Even Hispanics voted for Reagan…..Reagan passed immigration reform by the way.

        Then in 1992…Clinton told Jesse Jackson and the black community to SHUT UP…he would take care of them when he got into office but that he could do NOTHING for them if they continued to pummel the left and shout BLACK POWER and DOWN WITH WHITEY and REPUBLICANS were REELECTED….

        So they shut up…..Not a peep…..Not a sound….not a voice to be heard and…….

        Clinton won in 1992…he told them the same thing in 1996 and won relection.

        Fast forward to 2004. The left made the election about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan….the left was livid…they were puritan…they were idealogical….they were rowdy…they were winning……or so it seemed…..

        Bush won…the people did not like the left for what they were doing to Bush in a war that was only a couple years old.

        Now lets look at 2010….The right was shouting loudly…the LEFT was shouting…both sides looked ugly as they shouted their idealogical mumbo jumbo and the left was resoundly defeated in LOCAL elections.

        Now lets look at 2012….After 2010 the left said to themselves we need to shut up….be quiet…let the right look stupid as they literally argue with themselves.

        So the left was quiet for 2 years…they did nothing, said nothing, spoke seldom. Even Obama had few press conferences, held few cabinet meetings….they literally followed Bill Clintons Advice.

        THEY SHUT UP…while the right screamed…hollered and ranted about the left…the people saw…the people listened and without the other side responding to show their EQUAL retardation……

        The people spoke….the right literally threw away an election…..

        JUST as the left threw away the 2004 election because they were the ones screaming while Bush and Company were silent.

        My point has always been the party thats shouting the loudest often looks the stupidest…….

        The idealogues on both sides never shut up….but its who shouts the loudest that gets the least votes…recent history proves my point.

        • EndthePain

          In essence I am saying…Its time for some moderation while never giving away our principals. We can do both. We can do nothing IF we are OUT OF POWER.

          Its simple folks. It really is.

        • W.C Taqiyya

          My point has always been the party thats shouting the loudest often looks the stupidest…….

          The idealogues on both sides never shut up….but its who shouts the loudest that gets the least votes…recent history proves my point.

          As I brew another cup of coffee and re-read your comments, I realize that I like them. You make make some good sense Pain. Stop doing that. Enjoyable reading upsets me.

          Yep, upon even further reflection, the loud shouters do tend to be more annoying. It’s an interesting and worthwhile factor to be considered. However, while I love your theory and wonder aloud if it could be the answer, I still have to consider my feathered nest theory to be the main reason Romney wasn’t elected. You will find my theory outlined in another very recent Maggie post. Read em all. Maggie is incorrect or slightly off kilter far too often, but she’s a girl (always a good excuse) and her readers make up for it. Keep commenting Pain, my coffee tastes better today.

          • EndthePain

            West, 51, is one of only two black Republicans in the House. He had a constant string of headline-grabbing statements, from calling a majority of congressional Democrats communists to saying President Barack Obama, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and others should “get the hell out of the United States.”

            Look what happened here. Far right mud slinging got a good man thrown out by a new comer who simply painted him as an extremist and partisan hack….West had a hard time defending this and the people who voted him over the partisan hack they had before thru him out for the same reason.

            Reason…moderation…while not conceeding values is what wins elections. History keeps showing that over and over.

            • W.C Taqiyya

              To be sure, while loud, controversial people are annoying, I have to wonder what your call for reason and moderation really means. For example, how do you keep your principles intact while being tolerant of incorrect, dangerous and evil policies? Does being nice to wrong headed, venal and super stupid politicians help anyone? I’m thinking not. Rather, for example, if you belief that abortion is a crime and a sin, how do you moderate your opposition? Maybe ration abortions like gasoline to odd and even days? Or, to make it family friendly, we can call it baby girl and baby boy days. Better yet, let’s outlaw the abortion of female babies and mandate the killing of all males. Maybe we should also poke holes in a certain percentage of condoms and dispense some placebo birth control pills? That way, the resulting pregnancies will provide more business for the abortion industry, while the baby girls can go into the armed farces. Both sides win. Yep, you are right Pain, being reasonable and moderate has great potential. If you don’t give a rat’s ass about what is right and what is wrong.

  • deborah swann

    Coulter was dead to me the day she first publicly attacked Newt. A good read. Always. Thanks Politijim.

  • W.C Taqiyya

    Not insensibly, you could say Chris Christie won the election for Obama. I would not say that. But it would make a small bit of sense if someone did. No, I don’t think Romney could have ever won NJ or NY. But, that twit Ann Coulter and her severely obese pal Christie have many listeners, don’t they? Heaping praise on that putrid Obama in the aftermath of a storm that still has many of my family and friends sitting in the dark? What do you think Christie was thinking? I will tell you. He was thinking of his own re-election, of course. Self interest. It’s what always makes the world go around. Ann Coulter is a severely skinny, sorta cute bimbo who loves to make money. Cripes kids, she will say anything to make those amusing books of hers fly off the shelves. Plus, she is a lawyer. I loves them lawyers, don’t you? Completely unsurprising. Good post Maggie, just a bit late is all.

  • imho credibility of Coulter, Dick Morris, and especially Karl Rove deeply damaged by unexpected and unacceptable Romney loss

    How wrong -and wholly ineffective- they were

    • EndthePain

      I posted on this before at other sites. The problem with polling is that more and more Americans are using cellphones only. Gallup and Rassmussen say they take this into account.

      Yet this is an evolving dynamic new America who is wedded to their cell phones. I call my own daughters and they NEVER ANSWER the phone….they call me back. IF they do not recognize the number they will NOT answer and they will NOT return the call.

      NOW…if you text them they almost always reply immediately.

      I think this is why all the old fart Pollsters for the GOP who are NOT HIP, dont understand the ever changing climate in America are failing to grasp the NEW AMERICA…its why Morris and Rove hopelessly missed this call.

      • W.C Taqiyya

        So true Pain. On TV recently, some fake people in a sitcom made a big deal about their daughter sending over nine thousand texts per month. That’s nothing, I have a niece who sends over twenty thousand texts per month. In real life. I have no clue how or why they do it. But, they do. Kids these days… Wait a second, I have to send a tweet and text someone that I just breathed. OK, I’m all better now. Where was I? Polls? Shoot, everybody lies to pollsters, never mind about the land line versus cell phone versus texting issue. Heck, I even lie to those nice, attractive watchtower kids when they come knocking. I like to invite them in for a drink, a cuddle and whatever might happen next. As I stand in the doorway nearly naked except for my underpants. Gets rid of em quick, I don’t mind telling you. Most of the time. You betcha, getting rid of annoying pollsters and salesmen are what it’s all about.