Boehner MUST GO!

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– House of Rep Twitter and Phone contact list –

For God and Country – PLEASE use it, post it often! 

If I am correct, we only have 16 days left in this session to do anything! 

After the election I found this quote which was meant obviously for Democrats. “Do not blame George Bush for what’s coming next or four years from now when you no longer recognize this great nation.”
You and I know that while the above is true, the tsunami to hit this country is much nearer than four years from now. Mid term elections in two years will be too late because the Speaker of the House less than one week after elections is already caving to Obama’s will.
The conservative fight is far from over! We MUST work on getting John Boehner removed from his cave-in seat. In the meantime, he must be put on notice – NOW – that if he has any possibility of retaining that sweet spot he best back what the conservatives (50% of America) still stand for!
Boehner has plenty of time between now and January 3 (the date the House picks Speaker for the next session) to do irreparable damage. When asked last weekend on some talk show if he planned to push for repeal of Obamacare, he responded “the election changes that” and Obamacare is the law of the land.” Bullhonkey!
In my opinion, Eric Rush got it right in this statement about Republicans and voter fraud which translates to any issue we face – from his article – Did Civil War Just Become Inevitable?

The failure of the Republican leadership to pursue an investigation of the balloting almost suggests what some Americans have asserted for years. These folks are almost completely disenfranchised politically, and are regarded as fringe dwellers, even by most conservatives. Their assertion being that for many years, the job of the Republican leadership has essentially been to run interference for the Democrats’ advancement of socialism. Why? Because the interests of the power brokers on both sides transcend parties. They have decided that America – and probably the world, eventually – will be an oligarchical collective, a global slave state managed by narcissistic elites whose nests have long since been feathered.
Face it, Boehner in very short order is making every vote in the House irrelevant and we must put a stop to it him!
To that end I have put together a list of the members of the House of Representatives. It is incomplete, but it has about 70% of the Republican twitter addresses, hot linked, and ALL phone numbers. I will have the list completed (excluding waste of time D’s) by tonight or
tomorrow but it is VERY usable right this minute. We must burn up the phone lines and write these Congress critters and tell them – FOR THE LOVE OF THIS COUNTRY – GET JOHN BOEHNER IN LINE – NOW!

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