Alan Grayson Brings More Ugly Back to the Democrat Side of the House – As If The CBC Isn’t Enough

Grayson Accuses Republicans on House Floor

As if Nancy Pelosi (R-CA) and the whole of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is not enough ugly-spiritedness (excepting lone-Republican Allen West who the Caucus treats like an aborted child, born living with the Black Plague) former Congressman Alan Grayson is returning after his 2010 defeat. Previously representing Florida’s District 8, in January 2013 he will serve the people of District 9 in some fashion. Grayson infamously described the Republican health care plan as “die quickly.”

Grayson was ousted from District 8 by Republican Daniel Webster who retained his seat. For more of the bright side of Florida’s wins, check out the Shark Tank.

Linked at The Lonely Conservative in a rude reminder of how Democrats hate Israel. More ugliness here.