Meatless Mondays?

Hat Tip The Lid

Nanny State at work!

Yes ladies and gentlemen all you have to do is “Pledge” to give up eating meat on Mondays.  Right now it is voluntary but give these assholes enough time and it will be mandatory with stiff fines.

From the City Council that declared war on trans-fats and fast-food restaurants comes the latest way to make residents feel, well, guilty about what they eat.

The Los Angeles council, in a 14-0 vote on Friday, adopted a resolution urging residents to adopt a personal pledge to have a “meatless Monday.”

While it does not have the force of law and police will not be checking what you brought to work for lunch, city officials said they hope it will start a trend, make residents healthier and reduce the impact on the environment.

“This follows the `good food’ agenda we recently adopted supporting local, sustainable food choices,” said Councilwoman Jan Perry, who has called for a ban on new fast-food restaurants in South Los Angeles to fight obesity.

“We can reduce saturated fats and reduce the risk of heart disease by 19 percent,” Perry said. “While this is a symbolic gesture, it is asking people to think about the food choices they make. Eating less meat can reverse some of our nation’s most common illnesses.”

Councilman Ed Reyes, who joined with Perry in proposing the resolution, said one of his sons has been diagnosed with diabetes.

“The issue is how does a local municipality engage in this and how do we create change,” Reyes said. “If we do it one plate at time, one meal, one day, we are ratcheting down the impact on our environment. We start with one day a week and then, who knows, maybe we can change our habits for a lifetime.”

The proposal was developed by the Food Policy Council, which has a goal of “creating more and better food jobs” and encouraging food companies and small food enterprises as part of a bigger agenda to encourage healthy foods in the city.


Los Angeles has many problems.  Crime, Drugs, Gangs, Failing Schools.  But they are waging war on meat.  Why?  Because they can draw attention away from every other problem they have.  They are heading for bankruptcy and all they can do is deny their citizens the joy of eating the foods they love.

I am sure that Michelle Obama will talk her husband into making this a national law.



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  • Oz

    I think the dim bulbs that voted for ‘mo big goobermint’ deserve all they get. I’d be a lot happier about it, though, if the rest of us weren’t forced to play along as well.

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Going without meat will cause MORE diabetes, not less. What do you think they boy will replace meat with? Carbs! Sure as heck not a fresh salad, wanna bet?

  • Reaganite Republican

    Not in MY house!

    Good Friday’s bad enough lol

    • findalis

      Maybe this next year during the Lent season I’ll post fish recipes so to make the eating of fish a lot easier. I have 100’s saved.

  • proof

    In honor of Meatless Mondays, I will limit my breakfast meat to two strips of bacon, limit my lunch meat to tuna or chicken or salami or ham or ground beef or some combination of any or all of the above, and limit my dinner meat to one pound or less of steak, shrimp or some combination of the meats I am limiting for lunch. That should do it!

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