Why We Despise Unions: Members Fined $250 If They Don’t Show Up for Elizabeth Warren

The long-ago idea that Unions protected the blue-collar worker died about the same time as Flower Power. Take a look at this pleasant-looking young man, who I bet, just wants to work, get paid well, and have good benefits. To do that he might have to be a union member. He also has to show up at Democrat political functions to support Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. ‘No Show’ and he gets fined $250.00 (or $150.00 – it’s unclear). This isn’t the American way, and to keep my sanity, I have to believe this young man thinks it is unethical, wrong, criminal – whatever, but not the American way. The good thing for him? He has a job. Maybe he’ll enter the voting booth and vote for Brown.

Scott Brown

A GOP source sends along this video, shot by a Republican tracker, of a union member supporting Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren outside of a debate Wednesday night in Springfield, Massachusetts. The cameraman asks the union member if he was at an earlier debate between Warren and her Republican opponent, Senator Scott Brown.

“Uh-huh,” the union member says, nodding.

“Did you guys get fined if you weren’t there?” the cameraman asks.

“Yeah,” the union member replies.

“How much did you get fined?” the cameraman asks.

“A hundred and fifty,” the man says, although he later adds, “It’s two-fifty if you don’t go.”

The Weekly Standard calls this “fake grassroots,” and gives another example here.” This video will go viral, and he may be jobless soon.

Why We Despise Unions: Members Fined If They Don’t Show Up for Elizabeth Warren (video)

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