Voting for the Blueprint of America – These Young People Get It Video

It cannot be said any better than what you hear from the young Americans in the video below. Do your children understand the principles behind the U.S. Constitution, or do they believe presidential candidates should be allowed to use a teleprompter when they debate American ideals and policies? Do you understand the principles, the blueprint, of our Constitution? If you do, you will not vote for Barack Obama.

Voices Understanding the US Constitution

Voices Without a Vote (video)

Many thanks to David Lemon, Master Sculptor and Great American Patriot. Visit his YouTube Channel here.

  • I’ve always thought that student strikes were indulgent wastes of time, but maybe there is a time and a season for them.

    Would a movement of student strikes focus adults’ attention on the fact that their selfishness has saddled the next generations with crushing debt?

  • “Your temporary politicians”

    Could all Americans voters learn and understand that idea.

  • montanaconserv

    thanks for posting… shared on my facebook acct.

  • It filled me with so much pride, that we have young people, even in Liberal California, that can think for themselves and aren’t led by the nose by the idiot liberals in that state.

  • Very uplifting!