Video Romney Al Smith Dinner: Fabulous, Political and Very Funny

Romney’s performance is great hilarious, fabulous and spot-on. Lots of real laughs. Reminds me of some of the Press dinners where George W. Bush was so, so good. Romney is so, so good. It’s very political, appropriately so. Obama had to follow, looked tired and grumpy – he knew he’d been ‘had.’

Mitt Romney

Linked by Stanford Matthews at Blog@MoreWhat – thank you!. He also has Obama’s remarks at the dinner, and we are both wondering if that was Katie Couric behind Romney and to our left? If it was, she was having a great time and thought Romney was really funny – which would be out of character for her, however, Chris Matthews was sitting to our right of Romney – or they moved him there for a screen view when Obama was speaking.

Linked at BadBluethe baddest news on planet earth!

Mitt Romney at Al Smith Dinner (video)

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  • Now you see why I’ve been a Romney fan ALL along! Romney’s heart shows through in spite of ‘THE VIEW’ hahahaha! ROMNEY/RYAN 2012, let’s see who
    gets the last laugh now Boring Biden!! Romney did great, he told BO so little time to distribute & too bad Biden wasn’t there, he’d laugh at anything, perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wonder if MO clapped?

    • ljcarolyne, I think you have been right all along. Now, when he gets in office, we have to make certain the GOP elitists who have been behind his candidacy does not encourage him to go back to old style politics. If he will stay Constitutional, we’ll be okay.

      • Thanks, NO Worries, about Romney staying true, Red, White and Blue. Now we all can go about our lives without the constant attack from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obamanation Regime.
        God has blessed us again, his grace is sufficient. I thank God, plus I am praying earnestly for a WIN/WIN, also for protection for
        Romney/Ryan, Amen! We have a lot of work to do, to get rid of the oppression brought against our country, so just keep standing and stand with Romney/Ryan helping anyway you can, whatever it takes!

        Google News Home Pager

        Bill Clinton

        one hour a go
        on Fox News admits

        Obama has failed, fire him
        now !