US Military SpecOps Led Afghanistan Invasion on Horses – Monument at WTC: Bayonets Still in Use: Biden Failed Status of Forces Agreement

In October 2011, a monument to Special Forces who led the Afghanistan invasion on horses was preparing for the final touches before finding it’s resting place across from the World Trade Center site. The Unit, known as the “Horse Soldiers” were awed by what they were doing on that day. ✔Obama isn’t known to spend much time at the 9/11/01 Memorial.

Artist Douwe Blumberg – Monument to U.S. Afghanistan Special Ops Horse Soldiers

The statue is scheduled to be erected across from the World Trade Center site in New York on November 11, Veterans Day. The artist rounded up these “horse soldiers” to share their personal stories and mission photos as inspiration for the 18-foot, bronze monument.

“It was unbelievable in 2001,” Master Sgt. Bart Decker says to Blumberg.

Decker, the team’s Air Force Special Operations combat controller, who is now retired, sports a Fu Manchu-style mustache. “We all looked at each other [and said] ‘We’re witnessing a cavalry charge!’ ” he said. Source: CNN

Modern Day Bayonets

Bayonet Photo courtesy of Bayonets from Soldiers with the Third Infantry Regiment “The Old Guard” rise in the air as the Soldiers form up for the retirement ceremony for GEN. Richard Cody, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, at Ft. Myer, VA., August 1, 2008. Cody served in the Army for 36 years and was the 31st Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.  Army photo by D. Myles Cullen (released)

✔See the Bayonet discussion in the video at about 1:30 into the video below. A Marine tweeted to Fox News that Marines do still use bayonets.

[paraphrasing Chris Wallace] The deal was struck by George W. Bush, there would be a residual of forces, as little as 5,000 – wanted closer to 20,000. Obama put Joe Biden in charge of implementing the Status of Forces agreement. Quote from Biden: “I’ll bet you my Vice Presidency, Malaki (Iraq’s Prime Minister) will extend the Status of Forces Agreement.” It all fell apart. They never got it, [Obama failed] but it’s clear ✔Romney was right, Obama was wrong.

Chris Wallace Fact Checks Boca Raton Debate – Obama Wrong Wrong Wrong (video)

Photo courtesy of CNN

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