US Military Flag Officers Endorse Obama and Romney: Female Officers Endorse Only One

Big names in Military world affairs, past and current, are coming out for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Endorsements are piling up. Both men are supported, but female Flag Officers are only supporting one candidate. The definition below is from Wikipedia. If it is not correct, or is lacking in clarity, Smitty will stop by make it right 🙂 See the entire list here.

Definition of Flag Officer:

A flag officer is a commissioned officer in a nation’s armed forces senior enough to be entitled to fly a flag to mark where the officer exercises command.

The term usually, but not exclusively, refers to the senior officers in an English-speaking nation’s navy, specifically those who hold any of theadmiral ranks; in some cases it applies also to those holding the rank of commodore.

In U.S. usage it is additionally applied to Coast Guard officers and general officers in the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps entitled to fly their own flags.

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  • i am for mitt romney

    • dave tice – Thank you! I am encouraged. I hope you are tool.

  • i like what mitt romney getting people back to work and getting work back here in the usa because we cannot have another for years of massive debt more homless more people on food stamps and i think he is the man for the job he shows that he can balance a budget and he knows to to work with boths house to make things work and obama shows that he had fours to do the job and he does not know how to correct the problem and mitt shows that he will be a good expernice commander and chief and knoqs how to lead my email