Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Romney Ryan Video: It’s Serious Stuff and “Pure Awesome”

Found this video of The Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Romney-Ryan at Chicks on the Right, titled “This is Pure Awesome.”

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Thanks to Twitter Friend @SLCQNO

Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Obama (video)

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  • Got the little box thing working hopefully at the top of this comment box.. I understand why you had to do this Maggie.
    As far as what this amazingly, clear thinking lady says in her video, Spot On!!!!!

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  • Nolan

    We need a President who won’t block records to Congress when they are
    trying to find who is guilty when something happens in Washington, such
    as the Fast And Furious case against Eric Holder, this endangered our troops,
    and it endangers our country.

    • It’s been a long time since we had a president who didn’t try to cover up things.

    • Nolan, we need control in the Senate. If we can’t get rid of Harry Reid, we can’t get anything done. We have many instances that could have called for impeachment, but we can’t convict because of the Senate. When Obama has gone around Congress, we could do nothing because of the Senate. I don’t think there has ever been anyone like Reid, other than Pelosi.

  • I am voting for Gary Johnson. Mitt is a gun grabbing, socialized medicine, cap and trader, who made Planned Parenthood more powerful while forcing Catholic Hospitals to administer abortion pills. This isn’t change I can believe in either.

    • That, Bill, is your right. Why don’t you just throw your vote in the wind and go vote Obama instead. Because my dear miss guided friend, that’s exactly what you’d be doing. I mean really think about what your doing…

    • David Kenny

      You did’nt see or hear a thing here did you BB
      Your selfrigheous self is bigger then the patriot you
      Not something I would be proud of

      • Bill is a loser, that is as confused & idiotic as Nazi Pelosi, along with ALL her partners in crime. YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID.

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  • Like the math quiz and loved this video! Thanks Maggie!
    What I posted on video youtube – thumbs up.
    Just too busy, sarcastic, unconcerned, being ‘eye candy’ is more important, huh? Obama thinks all this evil is so-o funny, like the laughing hyena Biden and his traitor Sec. of State HITlary, what a gay group and a Usurper for a leader.
    Praying earnestly for the debate to go well for Romney and the mouth of the Lions be struck dumb. Like that Candy Crow-ley (NOTTTT ‘eye candy’ for sure) may she and Obama eat crow and plenty of it, raw & rotten.

  • Very powerful video! Excellent!