Thought We Were Out of Iraq? Obama Fast Furious Staffer Kevin O’Reilly Stashed Away There

Just after White House National Security Staffer Kevin O’Reilly testified before Congress about Fast and Furious, he suddenly was sent to Iraq for a position he was not in-line for, taking the job of Virginia Ramadan who was in line for it, and if I could place a bet, I would bet it was a job O’Reilly DID NOT want.

Eric Holder

The transfer took place shortly after the ATF agent had testified in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the White House had provided the committee with a series of emails that O’Reilly and the agent had exchanged while Fast and Furious was underway.

Since then, the White House has declined to allow O’Reilly to be interviewed either by the committee or by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who conducted the administration’s internal investigation of Fast and Furious. The White House also refused to give the inspector general access to internal White House communications relating to Fast and Furious.

O’Reilly was on the receiving end of the infamous, and still unexplained memo from ATF Director Bill Newell that stated “YOU DIDN’T GET THESE FROM ME.”  Source: CNSNews

Congressman Darrell Issa is threatening a subpoena. Read the details of the Kevin O’Reilly story here. He is undoubtedly on the lookout for IED’s with every step he takes, inside his government office, somewhere in Iraq. Photos of Kevin O’Reilly seem to be non-existent. Thanks to Fox News

  • Ref:”…he suddenly was sent to Iraq for a position he was not in-line for…”

    And just as suddenly you can expect he’ll never testify again. Seems to me that if you want to bump somebody off what better way than to have one of your Muslim friends do the job in a country where your not welcome in the first place. We’ll wait and see what develops…but remember I said it here first!

  • copper

    So, please explain to me how the White House has the authority to refuse to let this guy be interviewed.

  • Lies and cover ups are the modus operandi of this administration. Sadly, so few care.