Texas Border Rancher Dr Mike Vickers: See How Smugglers Do It

It is horrific what Americans living on our Southern border have to deal with every day, every night of their lives. Texas rancher, Dr. Mike Vickers explains it…clearly. There is no way to misunderstand what we are letting happen. There is a war going on inside the U.S. People are dying. We have so many wars today, we tend to forget the offenses coming from the South until a border agent dies. Watch this video and ponder what you would do if you were a border property owner in Texas or Arizona. Video courtesy of Texas Conservative News. Visit for other links to Texas border crimes.

Dr. Mike Vickers, Texas Rancher


Dr. Mike Vickers – How his property is breached by illegals every day, every night (video)

  • Maggie,
    It’s ridiculous here in Texas. I’m so sick of Obama and his open borders policy to allow these people into the United States. Americans are being murdered … but to the fraud-in-chief … I think he delights in that.

  • Thanks for keeping this out in front of people!

  • It’s great that those real victims can say their side and expose the problem.