State Dept Gives Visa to Muslim to Study Cyber Security? Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis Tries to Blow Up Federal Reserve

I think many of us can sympathize with the desire to demolish the Federal Reserve, but not with a 1,000 pound bomb. Why would the State Department give a visa to a Muslim man from anywhere in the world to study Cyber Security in Missouri? Maybe because offenses only flow from the U.S. to the Muslim world, not from the Muslim World to the U.S., so come on in, let us teach you how to hack our most sensitive systems, and maybe you can bomb the Federal Reserve or worse in your spare time. If you are an under-achieving student in your home country, you go to the head of the line. America  State Department career-types adore you.

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis

This time, as in many previous times, an FBI undercover agent made contact with with Quazi Mohammad Nafis, who was on the Intertubes seeking others who hate us to join him in forming an al-Qaeda cell. We keep letting these people in, and we can know with certitude that we won’t catch all of them. The answer is to STOP THE VISAS NOW!

Nafis’ family back in Bangladesh is devastated, understandably. They say their child could never be involved in such a thing. The school master at his Bangladeshi school says Quazi is a “dunce:”

“He is very gentle and devoted to his studies,” said the heartbroken dad, citing his kid’s work at the private North South University in Dhaka.

But North South University spokesman Belal Ahmed said Nafis was a dunce who was put on academic probation and threatened with expulsion if he didn’t hit the books harder.

The failing student eventually stopped coming to school, according to Ahmed.

Nafis’ academic failures in Bangladesh nearly led to bloodshed in America, authorities said.

The suspect talked his dad into financing his school work in the United States, telling family it’d be worth the money.

“I spent all my savings to send him to America,” Ahsanullah said.

Nafis thought he was detonating a 1,000 pound car bomb outside the Federal Reserve building in New York City. He tried to detonate the bomb with a cell phone. Instead of detonating, it alerted FBI that the attempt was underway. The material for the bomb was never proper bomb material, but Nafis didn’t know that. That’s the allegation.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says we can’t ask what we ‘should have,’ ‘would have’ and ‘could have done.’ We just must stay vigilant, says the Mayor. I disagree. We could have kept him, and all young men like him, from coming to the U.S. It might be a terrible thing for worthy young men, but not a terrible thing for this country. We can do without their supposed-gargantuan intelligence, so often touted. You can’t be so very smart to harbor such hate. Hate doesn’t come from intelligence, but terrorism comes from hate. Just keep them out of this country.