Spoofable IP Addresses in Hidden Form on Obama Websites: Untraceable Fake Faux Phony – Just Like Obama’s Background

We’ve learned that the Obama campaign has a website owned by an American living in Shanghai with ties to the Chinese government, uses no credit card verification systems and allows donations from pre-paid credit cards. Now we hear of “spoofable IP addresses” gathered by the Obama campaign enabled by a “hidden form” on their website(s) (make that spoofable/fake/faux/untraceable/phony – all the adjectives used to describe Obama’s personal background):

It’s web security 101, folks. Because IP addresses map back to the original source network (your ISP, your company, etc.), the web server’s log-file records the actual source IP address of the request. They certainly don’t record anything that the requester provides as the genuine address.

Put simply, there’s no reason to include a hidden form field for IP address. It is there for one reason alone: IP forgery — forging the computer addresses of donations to disguise their true sources.

The net result is that IP addresses recorded in this manner can’t truly be resolved to a real location. Genius! Read the entire story at Doug Ross

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