Reminder: Nancy Pelosi Has a Republican Challenger – John Dennis Deserves a Look Even If You’re Not a Californian

The GOP isn’t giving John Dennis much help in his fight to send Nancy Pelosi back to her California vineyard. The Party doesn’t waste money on those they believe cannot win, so Dennis is out in the San Francisco wilderness doing what he can do without much notice. Tell the truth. Did you really know Pelosi has a Republican challenger?

John Dennis

I recently was on a blogger conference call with John Dennis. Pete Da Tech Guy was on, along with The Daily Caller and RedState. The focus of the call was the Zombie ad the Dennis campaign had just released. I wrote about the ad and gave some background on Dennis at the same time. He is, after all, a San Francisco Republican and maybe that’s why we are ignoring his candidacy.

The way I see it, all politics are not local. Every vote Nancy Pelosi casts affects my family here in Oklahoma, so donating to other districts and other states in these dire times makes perfect sense.

Pete Da Tech Guy has an interesting chart you’ll want to see here, and says:

Is it just me or does it seem odd that Nancy Pelosi the champion of the working person, the poor and the downtrodden is raising over 77% of her money in big donations and PAC money.

And what is that 20% OTHER? what does OTHER mean?

And if this race is such a lock what exactly is she spending 1.6 mil on? I’d love to see how much of that is going for salaries.

Anyways one of the most important parts of any race is actually running. I’m sure that NY-9 was considered an impossible race and even with the scandal that cost a certain twittering congressman a seat his democrat replacement had no business losing…right up until the point where he did.

One never knows when a pol might make the mistake that end their viability before a camera. Now I suspect Nancy is unlikely to make the same mistake that Anthony the photogenic did but if such a mistake takes place, wouldn’t it be nice to have a candidate working hard to be ready to take advantage? After all 90 minutes can change an election.

On the blogger conference call, I asked Mr. Dennis, who is a Libertarian-leaning Republican, where he stood on the Green Agenda. From my post after the blogger conference call:

On the environment: Dennis is pro-conservation AND pro environmental property rights. I take that to mean, you own the property, the government should not have the power to stop what you do on it or with it, unless you are contaminating water or worse. He would not have shut-off water to California’s Central Valley for the Delta Smelt, although he says the whole water rights issue is “convoluted” and should be a local issue. He opposes the huge swaths of American land owned by the government, thinks some should be returned to the people and the bottom line is, he fully supports free market energy, including all the energy extraction methods that reasonable people (“reasonable” being my word, not his) recognize as safe for our planet.

Nancy Pelosi’s stance on the environment is the polar opposite. She supports the tiny Delta Smelt over families, dealing a death blow to the livelihoods of the farmers in the Central Valley – an area so fertile it was known as America’s Breadbasket.

As a result, several hundred thousand acres of farmland on the west side of the Central Valley now lie fallow, and many thousands of jobs have been lost. In the city of Mendota, for example, the unemployment rate exceeds 40%. Source: Reason Magazine

The ‘controversial’ Dennis Zombie video is below, along with another of him speaking about the TSA. He is blunt and straightforward; refreshing considering his area is America’s Breadbasket of Liberalism. If you have friends or family in California’s 12th District, do them a favor and let them know about John Dennis, and spread the word generally. Maybe your acquaintances can see beyond their local interest. Everyone of us have served-up veggies from California’s Central Valley.

John Dennis Campaign Ad: The Night of the Living Pelosi by Filmmaker Chris Burgar (video)

John Dennis: I Hate the TSA (video)