Photo of the Day: Obama Disappoints Michelle: Date Night Coming Up?

If you’ve read Ed Klein’s The Amateur, you’ll remember how depressed Obama was when he lost his first US Senate race to Bobby Rush. Michelle had told him not to try running against Rush. He did it anyway and went into a funk after losing because, according to Klein, Michelle was more than a little unhappy about the whole debacle. Divorce papers were drawn-up, again according to Klein – although apparently never filed. Klein describes Obama as absolutely sappy over the whole thing – he just wanted Michelle to be “proud” of him. (I would quote directly but my Kindle is charging and unusable at the moment.) Here is the Photo of the Day and The First Lady doesn’t look so proud Yesterday was also their twenty-something wedding anniversary. They announced a big celebration this weekend. Can’t wait to hear about their always so intriguing “date night.” If you have time, read Kevin DuJuan’s article about Obama, Chicago, Jeremiah Wright, murder and “The Program.”  Is it true?  I can only guess, but similar stories were out there before Obama was elected. Kevin steps it up a notch. A second accompanying article from WND is linked along with Kevin’s in my top right sidebar. Both will stay there awhile.

Barack and Michelle Obama right after the first 2012 Presidential Debate 10-3-12

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  • linda

    Love that! Given that Barry Obama-Davis is a fraud, liar, likely sociopath, why would anyone be surprised he’s a freak for the franks as well? not me.

  • I wonder how fast Michelle will file when Obama loses in November?

    • Unless he becomes head of the UN, I think it won’t take her long.

      • Findalis, actually, the perks for a former prez are very very good. Hillary could have had a very big career without Bill, but stayed. Now that I think about it, unless some of that Chicago stuff can be proven, she’ll probably stay. I can see her trying for a political career.

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