Partying Cool-Kid Beer Summit Spring Break President: New Romney Video

Devastating to remind us that Obama had to be pulled off the golf course when the raid on bin Laden’s compound was going down. You have only to look at the photo to see his golf shirt and jacket, while everyone else in the room is dressed for work and for the seriousness of the occasion.

Barack Obama Watches SEAL Raid on bin Laden Compound

He had to know the schedule for the bin Laden raid. If you were President and knew that with a few hours it would happen, would you want to be on a golf course? Would you even consider going to the linx – perhaps leaving instructions, when they hit, come get me?

The ad gets it right. Cool-kid, beer summit, spring break president – spot on. The ‘partying’ President is mine. “Lying” “Evading” “Unconstitutional” would also be appropriate.

Romney Ad: Spring Break President (video)

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  • There had been rumors that Panetta actually pulled the trigger and gave the go ahead to get bin Laden. It seems some insiders are confirming that too and the picture of Obama’s awkward seating confirms he didn’t know it was going down. Also, if it failed, Panetta would have took the heat.

  • Yes, we could surely use some adults in Washington. It is also time that the electorate grew up.

  • WhiteFalcon1

    When I first saw that pic I was struck by obama’s pose…excluding the ladies, he is the last person who wanted to be there to witness what he saw…the look on his face and in his eyes is one of anger and barely controlled rage…he’s being made to watch a “brother” be killed, LIVE, and nothing he could say or do could get him out of it without exposing him for the fraud he IS!
    Furthermore, what “Christian” while claiming to be a practising Christian and having to be reminded he;’s a Christian by stephonopolous, changes his name to barack hussien obama, claims the “call to prayer is the most glorious sound he has ever heard”, claims “should the winds of change shift, he would come down on the side of his muslim brothers” and does, falsely claims to write not 1 but 2 autobiographies, easily refutable and easily are, not to have been written by him at all but by bill ayers, a known terrorist and bomber from the 60’s and 70’s, who wears a ring his entire adult life stating, “allah is god”, yet while again, still claiming to be Christian…ya’ know? I could do this all day, and maybe after the election, will….spend a week or so completely destroying his narrative and exposing further the fraud perpetrated upon the American people…by the hand of our “allies” the saudi’s!