Obama Wore Bossy Pants to Debate – Needed Suspenders: Tried to Get Leherer to “MoveOn” Video

It’s fascinating to hear that Barack Obama was off his game last night, just not himself and not “prepared.” He was prepared. He just has no facts to combat Romney’s facts, and his naturally sulky personality when he is not in front of an adoring crowd always shows up. I believe he knew he was in trouble before he walked onto the stage. I agree that he may have been “flat,” but just how clever, charming and/or humorous can you be defending a record like his? Here’s the video with Obama telling moderator, Jim Leherer “You may want to move on to another topic.” See the video below.

OBAMA: Jim, I — you may want to move onto another topic, but I — I would just say this to the American people. If you believe that we can cut taxes by $5 trillion and add $2 trillion in additional spending that the military is not asking for, $7 trillion — just to give you a sense, over 10 years, that’s more than our entire defense budget — and you think that by closing loopholes and deductions for the well-to-do, somehow you will not end up picking up the tab, then Governor Romney’s plan may work for you. Source: Fox Nation

While some are singing Leherer’s praises tonight, I will say that the way the questions were asked there were no accusations or accusatory tones coming from the moderator, but Leherer did try to cut Romney off just about each time Obama told a whopper. The questions were good. Leherer asked for the differences between the two men on a specific, short topic. This was a great debate format, in my opinion. Find my live debate blogging notes here.

If the video disappears or will not play, click the link to Fox Nation above to view.

Romney-Obama Debate, 9-3-12 University of Colorado (video)

  • Maggie.. the video didn’t work

    • Sorry David, I have such problems with any video from Fox News. I always try to grab it elsewhere, but when I can’t find it I’m stuck. It’s basically what’s quoted in the text.

      • It’s cool.. Didn’t know if you knew it is all

  • I know Leherer lost control on occasion, but on a whole he asked fair questions. It was great to hear a real debate. BHO was so out of his league.

    • sandstone, Leherer lost control because Romney would not allow Obama to go unanswered. Obama has always had that courtesy in the past. Romney wasn’t up for it. But, I liked the format and the questions.

      • Maggie, I think Obama was so pissed last night that the usual safe guards were gone, due to the commanding presents of someone that was so more experienced at commanding than even he, as president has.
        Mitt Romney shined last night and Obama.. It is kinda like, me as a sculptor, debating and trying to defeat, in a debate, Michelangelo. There would be no way I’d be anything more or appear to be anything but an amateur in his presence.

  • “You may want to move on” read: “Let’s get this damn thing over with!”