Obama DOJ: Email Tracking Up 361%, Phone Call Tracking Up 60%

Under Obama, the Justice Department “trap and trace” and “pen register”surveillance has increased by 60%. Email tracking has increased by 361%.

Those who sacrifice liberty for security, deserve neither ~ Ben Franklin

Email Tracking Up 361%

Orders to track phone calls increased 60 percent — from 23,535 in 2009 to 37,616 in 2011 — according to Justice Department documents, including ones recently acquired by the ACLU.

Orders to track emails and computer network data increased by 361 percent over the same period, though the number of orders was less compared to those for phone calls.

The DOJ says “in every instance” a federal judge authorized the surveillance. The words “federal judges” are just as chilling  as “DOJ.” Either the Federal Judges are a frog in the pocket of this administration, or they rule properly and the Obama administration ignores them and does as they want. Being held in contempt of Court means nothing to Obama and Holder. Read the entire story at Fox News. Photo credit.

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  • Isn’t it funny, when Bush was in office.. these same liberals attacked, unceasingly, GW for doing what these people are in fact increasing..

    • When Bush did it, they were tracking known terrorists and those with connections to terrorists. Since Homeland Security declared veterans as potential terrorists, we know that loyal Americans are now being tracked.

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