Obama Childhood Liar: Father an Indonesian King – He Was Kenyan Royalty

We don’t even know if Barack Obama’s father was Kenyan. We know his stepfather was Indonesian. According to a Punahoe classmate, Obama told a couple of stories to fifth grade classmates: his father was Kenyan royalty and he was an Indonesian Prince.

Snippets from Punahoe classmate of Barack Obama, Kristen Caldwell, graduating the same year as Obama:”

When I first met Barry, when he showed up I think it was the summer before fifth grade, he was hanging out at the tennis courts. And at the time that was the very Wimbledon-like, where everyone had to wear white clothes and white tennis shoes. Very careful about the soles of the shoes because you didn’t want to scuff up the courts, mark them up.

So yeah, I can picture him as this slightly — “chubby” is too strong, but rounded, short little guy, Barry Obama. And he told us that his father was an Indonesian king and that he was a prince, and after he finished school he was going to go back, and he would be a ruler in Indonesia. And I absolutely believed him.

I understand that he told his fifth-grade class that he was Kenyan royalty, but I never heard that story until years later. My sister and I remember very clearly that he was an Indonesian prince and that he would be going back there. So there was some reference to where he had come from, and the understanding was his family was there…

I think part of the reason that he came up with being an Indonesian prince or a Kenyan prince to his fifth-grade class was sort of that sense of OK, I feel a little different, so I’d better be something a little fancier, because it was a fancy school. So while not everyone there was wealthy, and not everyone there was Caucasian, despite the reputation, there were a lot of wealthy people at the school. I mean, in high school, an awful lot of kids had their own cars, which I didn’t. I’m pretty sure Barry didn’t.

Barack Obama (Indonesian Prince?)


Barack Obama – Kenyan Royalty?

When you read the entire interview, you undertand that Ms. Caldwell was mesmerized by Obama’s oratory skills leading up to the 2008 elections:

“There are no red states and blue states, the United States.” It was fantastic. And it was. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. And not just because, wow, he was an amazing orator and he had wonderful words that he said, but because I knew he meant it. And he articulated how I feel, very proud of the United States of America, very much want us to come together and work together, figure out our differences, which really shouldn’t be that great. And it was so exciting to hear him articulate what I think so many of us feel, and have it be somebody we knew. Wow, how cool is that, right? That’s that punk kid I used to play tennis with.

Right. Obama can only hope that there are no red states and no blue states because he may have turned this country red as never before.

Children tend to tell tall tales. This child told whoppers and continues to do so. Telling lies – important lies that affect nation’s safety is as easy of this.  Thanks to BirtherReport.com for the graphic.



  • Karmaa

    And there is the mind of a liberal in a nutshell. Kirsten KNOWS that Barry was a liar then – as much as we don’t know about him, we DO know that he was not an Indonesian prince. And yet, Kirsten doesn’t care one bit. She got goosebumps listening to the guy who she knows, firsthand, was a grandiose liar, and she just didn’t care. How do these people even have enough (active) braincells to breathe?

    I blame modern medicine. In the olden days these people would have been wiped out by “survival of the fittest”. Today, they live, and grow up to be idiots who can’t see danger and decide even when it’s lit up like a neon sign.

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