Obama: “Candy Check the Transcript” and She Did – Collusion Comes to Mind

I missed this order-of-happening in last night’s Hofstra debate, but Rush Limbaugh caught it. When Romney challenged Obama on how long it took Obama and his government officials to call Benghazi a terrorist attack, Obama, perched on his seat at the back of the stage, called out to Crowley, “Candy, check the transcript,” [paraphrased] and she did.

She just happened to have the transcript right at her finger tips (but she didn’t have Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s devastating quote on the administration’s lack of interest in rising energy prices). Obama called for the transcript and then Crowley flourished it. How ridiculous would it have been for Obama to tell her to check the transcript, if she didn’t have it? Crowley was advised by the Obama team.

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  • Obama’s Minions.

  • Axelrod trained her all last week, apparently

  • The questions came from the Obama campaign. The questioners were Obama plants. The moderator was an Obama propagandist. Yet Romney beat Obama.

    Guess who is worried?

  • Xavier

    It was coincidence that she had the transcript – just like it’s coincidence the NY Federal Reserve bomber was arrested the next day while Barry and Candy were under attack for collusion.

    um that’s sarc just in case.

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  • Mike

    Except of course the actual quote is not “Candy check the transcript.” He actually said, “Get the transcript.” You didn’t need to paraphrase as the video is available online, and when one paraphrases, you do not use quotation marks which are reserved for direct quotes. Listen people are entitled to their beliefs about what happened, but misrepresntation of the facts only serves to undercut your credibility.

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  • Hehehe…. Glad you liked that picture, Maggie. I did that one on the fly the other night after being so disgusted with Crowley.