Megyn Kelly Interviews Husband Doug Brunt: Brad and Angelina Not the Dreamiest or Most Beautiful Couple

Brad and Angelina – eat your heart out. You are not the dreamiest or most beautiful couple on the planet. I won’t criticize Angelina Jolie’s intellect, but I will say Douglas Brunt is light-years ahead of Brad-boy and Megyn Kelly, as her husband makes clear, is large not only in journalism but in the world of legal-eagles. He makes it clear that as an attorney, she soared. Doug Brunt has written a book, Ghosts of Manhattan, thus scoring an interview with the most sought after female interviewer on television. Ghosts of Manhattan is a fiction novel centered around a young Wall Street insider. Megyn prompts him to make it clear that the naughty blonde in the book is no one he knows (intimately or at Fox news). See the video below.

Megyn Kelly and Doug Brunt

The couple met on a blind date. He was an Internet security executive. At the time she was a Washington Reporter for Fox. He had homes in Florida and New York. She lived in Washington D.C. and owned two Shih Tzus. After a disasterous New Year’s Eve together, she was transferred to New York City to co-host America’s Newsroom (Jenna Lee now owns that spot). Fox News correspondent, Kelly Wright is an associate pastor in Virginia Beach. Wright married Megyn and Doug. You’ll see in the video that he is far more handsome than in the photo above. Second behind Megyn and Doug, I nominate Sarah and Todd.

If the video disappears or does not play, view it at Breitbart. Thanks to the New York Times for the wedding story.

Megyn Kelly Interviews Husband, Douglas Brunt (video