Luntz Focus Group Video Debate 10/16/12

The video of Frank Luntz’ focus group is below. It’s fairly stunning and quite different from the Ryan-Biden group (descriptive language alert in the video).  I’m listening to a woman on Fox interviewing with Jenna Lee this minute. She was in the debate audience last night, and she is undecided, still today. She didn’t like the combative nature of the debate. She didn’t get answers, she said. Perhaps that’s because Obama has none. She has already had almost four years of his agenda. If you are undecided, how are you still undecided? You either agree with what he has done, or you don’t, and if you are paying attention, you know what he plans the next four years. She is concerned about her children. Well, good for her. So am I.

THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE: She obviously did not listen to the conversation on energy, when Obama refused to answer whether he agreed with his own Energy Secretary Chu who said that this administration is not concerned about rising energy prices. Obama’s answer didn’t come close to relating to the actual question. How much more deceptive can you get? By this morning, this woman should know that Obama allowed 62% fewer drilling permits in this first three years than Bush during his first three years. She surely knows Obama clearly stated in his 2008 campaigning that our energy costs will “skyrocket.”

Why is it that people like this woman refuse to believe Obama, yet might vote for him.

She is undecided about Benghazi?

She is undecided about Egypt and foreign aid?

She is undecided about the words “terror,” “terrorism,” “radical Islam,” “jihad,” being cleansed from all government documents?

She is undecided about her President apologizing to the world for America?

She is undecided about illegals legally staying in the country without going through the legal drill?

She is undecided about stimulus money?

She is undecided about the costs the EPA has illegally placed on private citizens and businesses?

She, a mother, is undecided about late-term abortion?

She, a mother, is undecided about 15 years being legally sterilized under ObamaCare?

She is undecided about paying for everyone’s birth control, including the morning after abortion pill?

If she is undecided on any of these, she is a Democrat. Give me a break.

If the video disappears or does not play, view it here. Be warned, descriptive language alert.

Frank Luntz Focus Group after October 16, 2012 Presidential Debate (video)