Kid Rock Wins Debate With Sean Penn: Penn Resurrecting Image – Growing An Audience? Video

Just remember that Sean Penn hugs Hugo Chavez and spends long hours with the Castro brothers, none of whom protect anyone’s freedom. Have I mentioned I love Kid Rock these days? I once wondered if he took to the Country Music stage to resurrect a career because the Country Music stage is where it happens. That question has been answered for awhile now. The answer is no. Kid Rock wanted to reach out to the troops and red-blooded Americans with rock and country. He has done that successfully. Kid Rock does still believe Sean Penn is a Commie. If you’re going to live it with your visits to Communist countries and give comfort and positive publicity to those marxist leaders, then accept it: you can live with another’s right to take away the freedoms of others. Call it what you want, but you are not a friend of liberty – a position often taken by those who know their own liberty is not in the same immediate danger. If Penn’s goal in this video is to resurrect the numbers of his theater audience, it will fail.

Kid Rock, Christmas Day in Iraq

Sean Penn is a great actor. Kid Rock is a great American, it having nothing to do with drinking beer or wearing overalls. He doesn’t give aid and comfort to the enemies of the peoples around the world. Penn has met with both Fidel and Raul Chavez at least once and with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez several times. If Penn was advocating for the freedom-loving people in Cuba or Venezuela, who have none, we haven’t heard about it. The only thing that matters is living freely.

Kid Rock – Sean Penn Public Service ‘Tolerance’ (video)

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  • I’m not ready to throw my support behind Kid Rock. That is not to say my impression has not improved via your post, Maggie. I will remain cautiously optimistic that individuals who may have formerly been characterized as being liberal may in fact now, in this incredibly important election season, reconsidered their stands on issues.

    This situation, the 2012 Presidential election, has provided some examples that Americans may finally be awakening from a deep sleep. I had that feeling during the 2010 midterms but realized one election does not a trend make. If Barack Obama is defeated on November 6th I will be reassured American citizens are once again concerned about the fate of our founding principles. If not, I cannot begin to tell you how bad I will feel.

    • I agree Stanford. When Kid Rock began appearing on the Country Music stage and award shows, I felt it was only a career move. That was several years ago. He has been a huge supporter of our troops. I don’t know much more than that. I mean he…married Pamela Anderson! I think the vid was spot on though, on his part.

  • I can barely stomach looking at Penn, much less listening to him speak.
    Why can’t actors just … act.

  • rob

    Are you kidding me? Sean Penn will be more successful than ever now, the communist half of the country will line up at theaters in droves to see a commie hero like this!

    • rob, I see that too, but you know what, there are lot more who understand Kid Rock’s side of this than Penn’s. Besides, Penn has to find a film for people to get into line to see. That doesn’t happen often for him.

  • Judy

    Penn has done good things in Haiti since the earthquake. I don’t agree with his politics or his commie chums, but he is charitable.

    Images for sean penn haiti – Report images

    • A photo of him bailing out his overloaded Katrina Rescue boat (filled with publicists and photographers — no room for rescues and his comments about those who criticized his work in Haiti:

      “You know, do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer? Yeah. You know, but I’m not going to spend a lot of energy on it.”


      He __is__ a great actor and his dad Leo was a card-carrying commie so he got indoctrinated as a child.

      As for my involvement in Haiti, I gave what I could afford to these people:

      These folks kick serious butt — no admin overhead, all dollars go to the field…

      • DavidH, thanks for the link to your article on Penn. His quote: makes no sense except that he is who he is. He is such a good actor that few good parts come his way, and I’m sure he is very picky about what he accepts for his career, so – he has to have publicity from somewhere.

        The tears shed in this video for the dead soldiers seemed obscene to me. I’m not saying he doesn’t care, what I do say is that Kid Rock and so many ordinary people will shed their tears and not leave it there. They will send care packages from Move America Forward who Penn would never donate to. Gold and Blue Star Mothers are involved in Move America Forward. Wounded Warrior is another. Where are all those tough Hollywood stars helping the wounded (some are there, but most are from Country Music). Our verbal support. Our prayers.

        Penn wants no wars and that would definitely do something for our soldiers, but there is no balance to the way he wants to do it.

        By the way, I didn’t know Penn was raised in a Communist home.

        Thanks for visiting and adding to the conversation.

    • Judy, no one knows where all the money goes that was given to Haiti. If Penn had it, a lot more would get done. I admire his work in Haiti. He has stuck with it. I wonder what kind of leadership he wants for the country, because he is now very politically connected.

  • montanaconserv

    I know I’d die for Sean’s freedom to be a commie, but would he die for me to be a free American.. .don’t think so…

    • montanaconserv, no he wouldn’t did for your freedom. He might die trying to control your freedom. I think he wants to be Chavez or one of the Castro brothers.

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