Kevin James: Hollywood Picks and Chooses Who Can Offend – George Clooney Finds First Amendment Unfortunate

Film/video maker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is in jail awaiting another prison sentence for violating parole with his Innocence of Muslim video. Actor Kevin James (a really, really funny guy) was courageous to say that Hollywood picks and chooses who can offend and who cannot and in this case, Nakoula’s First Amendment rights are worth a jail cell.  Some think it’s fine that he was nailed for offending Muslims. George Clooney, that one-man bastion of all-things humane, thinks the First Amendment is “unfortunate” for people like Nakoula.

Kevin James

When Breitbart News asked him recently about his views on “The Innocence of Muslims,” the film the Obama administration blamed for much of the recent unrest in the Middle East, James took the matter seriously….

“Unfortunately, welcome to Hollywood,” James says. “They don’t want to offend in some cases, but they don’t mind offending in others.”

Breitbart’s Christian Toto:

George Clooney called it “unfortunate” that the First Amendment protected the filmmaker behind the project. Bette Midler suggested the filmmaker should be charged for murder.

Meanwhile, exhibits like “Piss Christ” get to grace U.S.-based art museums without a critical word from celebrities about its potential to upset Catholics.

Toto reports that James sees the “fuzzy” line between art and material and finds the Piss C_____ (sorry, I don’t want to say it – but I am free too if I choose too) “extremely offensive.”

The real problem with the Piss piece is that our taxpayer dollars were used through the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) for this. and other self-absorbed artists who believe we really want to see their urine or their HIV-infected semen. I’m forced to support it and that’s the biggest problem.

But Innocence of Muslims, that’s something else. That’s pure Free Speech. I know how Liberal George Clooney is, but really, to say that “it’s unfortunate that he [Nakoula] is protected by the First Amendment…,” that’s vile. Has-been Bette Midler – Joy Behar’s twin? She can’t get publicity any other way unless she’s on Oprah, and Oprah isn’t on anymore, is she?

Kevin James has a new movie coming out, Boom, described as paying “tribute to the blue collar folks who participate in sports.” If you know something extremely Progressive about Kevin James, please keep it to yourself and not in my comments.

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