Joy Behar Show: Kevin Powell Says Ann Coulter is Racist Liar: Of Morons, The Jewish Vote, a Loving America, and NBPP – Video

Ann Coulter barely has a chance to talk in this video, but one thing she does make clear is that Kevin Powell is “clearly a moron.” Joy Behar quotes George Will saying “if Obama was not Black he would be losing,” to which Behar is appalled and says, “he’s[Obama] just a guy.” Since our founding, until 2008, we were told that all Presidents were White because a Black man couldn’t win – in other words, all Presidents were White because they were White. I think George Will is on to something. Powell tells Coulter that in New York City in a Black Latino community, racism is as bad as it was at the time of Selma. Good grief! I think he means Blacks don’t like Latinos and Latinos don’t like Blacks. The roiling question: are 90% of the American Jewish population voting for Obama? The roiling irony: on Powell’s website he calls for a “loving” and “inclusive” America but no criticism I can find anywhere of the New Black Panther Party. How about that bounty on the Latino with the German/White sounding name? How about the disgraceful treatment of civil rights attorney, Bartle Bull, who tried to testify about New Black Panther Party voter intimidation in Philadelphia in 2008 and was refused by Eric Holder. Bull was present that day. Bull later said, after Holder dismissed a default judgement against the NBPP:  “the fundamental point to me is that Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy did not die to have uniformed thugs blocking the doors to polling places with weapons, and for the first time in our lifetime, the national administration is protecting the abusers instead of the voters.”

Kevin Powell

Quote from Kevin Powell’s website:

My life calling is to be a servant for the people, period. Money, fame, status, personal achievements, and all that means very little to me when pain and suffering are still real on this lanet. I am interested in the powerless becoming powerful. ~ Kevin Powell

The website under the “Kevin Speaks” section, describes a speech he gave as calling for a “progressive, multicultural coalition that is inclusive and loving of all Americans, all people, regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, ability/disability, or political ideology.”

Powell reportedly ran for Congress three times (and failed) for New York’s (Brooklyn) 10th District. Eldolphus Towns has held the position since 1993. Towns referenced Powell’s “self-professed” violence against women. Powell defended himself by saying he has received therapy. Photo Credit: New Black Man

Ann Coulter on Joy Behar Show with Kevin Powell: of Morons and the Jewish Vote (video)

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  • Boy you see, shinning in this video, the tactics of the racist left or at least the race baiters on the left. They drown out Ann so she can’t even lay out any facts and at the end like a child, very spoiled child Kevin, sits there.. Your a racist.. your a racist.. your a racist.
    More people will see this idiotic tv show on blogs like this, than will ever turn on the Joy show.. lol

    • Brenda Foulks

      Why did not someone stop this idiot from making rude remarks to Ann, so that they could talk like two adults. Maybe they don’t want the true to be known, but by doing what they did just drives everyone to want to read Ann’s book. She has spoken the truth and they cannot still it. They did the same to her on the View, which I will never watch again, just narrow minded people.

  • Geo

    Ann really needs to start hanging out with a better crowd.

    • Mary

      That creep wouldn’t let her finish a few words, let alone a sentence edgewise, before injecting his hollow noise, over and over, so obnoxiously. She should have belted the creep in the nose. What an empty blabbermouth jerk he was.

      Geo; You’re right. Because messing with lowlifes like that can’t help but get some of their crap rubbed off.

  • Is it me or is the left getting desperate?

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