Installed Captcha – Guess What, It Works!

After 5-3/4 years blogging I finally had to install a “Captcha” feature on comments. I apologize for inconveniencing those of you who take time to add to the conversation with this pesky detail but I am getting 3000-4000 spams a day. Most are so grossly pornographic (and politically pornographic as well) in nature that I can hardly bear to take the time to empty the nasty things. There’s no way to do it with my eyes closed, so I’m forced to absorb some of it.


I am shocked that the service actually works. Today I’ve had a total of 6 – just 6 spammy things. See, it really can distinguish between humans and bots. Amazing!

I’m using the “addition” Captcha, rather than the “typing the letters or numbers you see” Capcha. It’s located just above the comment form (see above), and isn’t very noticable, so if you comment but do not do your addition problem, it takes you to a page asking you to complete the Captcha.  Just hit the “back” button and look at the top of your comment box. It doesn’t erase your comment as some Captchas do. What you have written will still be there.

If you have any problem with this, please let me know. My email is under my contact tab. This is something I have avoided for all these years, but it’s making my life nicer. Hope you don’t mind.


  • I love this.. if it helps you.

    • Thanks David, and I appreciate your time here, and your wisdom and the way you notice little details that are so important.

  • I. AM. SO. BAD. AT. MATH!!!

  • So far, so good. It doesn’t get into long division does it? Algebra is okay. I get that…

    • Adrienne, I can have it divide or multiply, but I choose. I chose only simple addition and it works. When I reply, I have to do it too, but unlike the words and letters, I haven’t yet gotten this one wrong.

  • Yeah, but not all us stoopid clingers know what 1+9 is!!!

    • RR, it’s a challenge for us isn’t it 🙂

  • Only problem I can see is.. Obama and Biden will never be able to leave comments.. here. They are terrible when it comes to numbers.. poor boys.. Oh well Mrs. Obama can clap them on… lol

  • Xavier

    It’s really not an inconvenience… and if it keeps you from being exposed to that garbage, it’s worth it. I do find it interesting it shows the captcha in words but wants a numerical input. Not a problem though.

    • Xavier, yes, I had several ways I could do it, but didn’t really know to choose because I don’t understand how spamming is done. I assume while a bot can read the words, it can’t actually do the addition. Thanks for your support. I wish I had done it long ago.

  • Now if you could figure out a way for you site to recognize me so I didn’t have to log in everyday you’d really have something here. Just kidding.

    • Odie, are you saying you have to fill-in all your info every time? I don’t use any type of registration, so I thought it would remember those who have been here before, unless you have cleared your browsing. Let me know.

      • My browsing history is erased every time I close my browser. Maybe that’s it. Your blog remembers me as long as I’ve logged in once and not closed the browser.

        • Odie, I didn’t realize it worked like that. I have to choose to have all of my browsing history erased (separate from clearing cache). That has to be annoying. So sorry!

  • Geo

    Not a problem here, Maggie as long as the responses are limited to the digits of both hands and feet. . . . . it’s all good for me. I can see how it would cause a big problem for dopey libruls though.


    Congratulations on your top conservative website ranking, Maggie. Great job!

    • Geo, thanks so much for the congrats and for noticing! Everyone here has helped me along, and I credit my friend findalis at Monkey in the Middle who stepped in for over two months (in the previous quarter’s rankings) when I was off the computer with an injured back and neck. She still posts here when she wants to and is a great blogger. I appreciate her and all the readers and commenters so much.

      Since I have to use the Captcha too when I reply, digits of both hands are all that’s required, or ever will be required.