Hating Breitbart Video Sneak Peek: Hating Breitbart (Remembering – Celebrating) In Theaters October 19 LA, DC, Dallas, St. Louis

The new film Hating Breitbart is released tomorrow, October 19, 2012 in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Dallas and St. Louis. Won’t it be fabulous if people have to be turned away, to come back for the next showing? Wish I could get to Dallas.

A great trailer, more than a trailer – 21 minutes long is below. The second video is a traditional trailer, about 2 minutes long and different from the “sneak peek.”


Rocky Mountain Pictures

Directed by Andrew Marcus

Produced by Maura Flynn

Produced by Evan Coyne Maloney

Edited by Michael Kadela

A Pixel & Verse Film

Sneak Peek Hating Breitbart (video)

Two Minute Trailer for Hating Breitbart (video)

  • I just posted this on my facebook and was just going to send it to you.. Amazing video.. still watching it.

  • The Wapo is correct. They aren’t in any sense of the word liberal. Statist, centrally controlled, elitist scumbags yes. Liberal, no.