Hannity Benghazi: Hillary Clinton Requested Security for Libyan Consulate -Transcription From State Dept of Entire Attack

Sean Hannity

I’ve watched portions of Hannity twice tonight and heard him say he has confirmed with the State Department that there is a long transcription of the entire attack on the Benghazi, Libya Consulate as State Department officials were communicating with them at the time. He also said he understands there is a letter showing that Hillary Clinton requested security for the Consulate. It was a short quick statement with no embellishment. There was not a conversation about any of this. Guests on Hannity (don’t even recall who they were) did not discuss it with him that I recall. I have nothing to back it up, but Hannity did indicate there would be more revealed tomorrow night (Friday October 19th) on his show. I don’t have a transcript, but believe this is what I heard.

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  • Hillary may have nade a show of taking responsibility, But she knows the truth is going to keep leaking out. Politics is a dirty game. And, sometimes it gets our people killed.

  • If that’s true it makes Obama look even worse, if that’s possible!