Frank Luntz Boca Focus Group: Luntz Praises Audience for “Rewarding” Obama on Foreign Policy

The Frank Luntz focus group after the Boca Raton debate last night was weighted heavily with those who voted for Obama in 2008. It’s shocking to me that the audience, which saw Romney stronger on the economy, and Obama stronger on Foreign Policy, ignored Obama’s fabrications on Israel and Iran. Obama didn’t have one truthful moment in his statements. It was all spin. I’d love to see Luntz’ dials when Obama talked about his close relationship to Israel. In the first video, there is a woman on the front row who is more than a little impatient with Obamabots. I would have been just as impatient.

One strange man in the second video used Obama’s time in the Illinois Senate as proof of Obama’s qualification to be President. Only a Democrat would see voting “present” as a strength.

Frank Luntz

If the videos disappear or do not play, view them here.

Frank Luntz Boca Raton Focus Group (video)

  • Geo

    I’d like to know where the hell did Luntz manage to find Anna Nicole Smith and how did she end up in the front row?

  • I saw that in part last night Maggie.. that guy that said that Obama had foreign experience, because he was a Senator.. I just sat there with my Jaw on the floor.. with spittle.. dripping out of the corner of my mouth.. had to go get a towel to clean it up.. And he votes?

    • These are not independents who are undecided. They know who they want to vote for and they are trying to help their candidate.

  • ccoffer

    They should do a movie about Luntz, and call it “The Tard Whisperer”. Whenever I see one of his interchanges with his focus groups, I always ask the same thing. Where does he find these dumbasses?

  • Jesse Jackson Jr., who has been AWOL for months and is under investigation by the FBI, is leading in the polls to be reelected by ouver thirty points. Maybe the Luntz focus group were vacationers from Jesse’s district in south Chicago.

    • Jim, you might have something there. I thought they were all Floridians.

  • EBL

    I did not care for that focus group. Too many posers/fakers who were committed to the candidates and just pretending to be “uncommitted” voters. Of course, that is the truth, there are very few uncommitted voters. Still, I wish Luntz could have screened the ones who just wanted to get on TV.

  • EBL

    And the results do not bother me (I generally agreed with them), and some of those focus group members were legitimate. There were just three or four of them that were exceedingly annoying.

    • EBL, what I don’t get is that you give a win on Foreign Policy to the person who lied in a very big way. Iran and Israel. All lies. How is Foreign Policy strength handed to BHO?

      • That is a Big LIE as well, what else is new? Get this, if you paid attention you might have seen the earpiece in Obama’s ear. His head stayed cocked listening to what he should answer. Obama is half cocked grant you, but a cheater (LIAR) to the Nth degree, with help from an earpiece mike. Obama is the worst!!!!!

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  • Luntz was channeling Jerry Springer this time. I always found his focus groups a bit silly, but this one — wow!
    DH noted that the man on the opposite end of the front row from “Anna Nicole Smith” certainly hoped he’d go home with someone.

    • Once you get the breast implants the intelligence goes away.

  • Don’t watch such BS, or plan to look at video. My focus is on God through Jesus Christ giving us the victory through earnest prayer and keeping my mouth shut about any ‘negs'(lies)towards Romney. My stand is Rom:8:28.
    Thanks be unto God our father in heaven, who will deliver America from this satanic evil the Obamanation of Desolation = (wickedness in heavenly places) through Christ, who has made us world overcomers! Look NOT to the right or to the left, but speak the powerful Word of God only! Fear Not!