Florida AFL-CIO Says Their Mantra is Vote Early Vote Often

And the choir queried: how do we vote often? Earlier today I posted on two Florida voters saying they received a threatening letter from Alma Gonzalez, counsel to the AFL-CIO Director of Voting,  a voting member of the Democrat National Committee and Treasurer of the Florida Democrat Party. One of the persons receiving the letter left a comment on my original article, leading me to the Florida AFL-CIO site saying in big bold blue letters:

There is a mantra that we — at the Florida AFL-CIO — like to live by, “Vote Early, Vote Often.”

The commenter left this message:

FL Voter on October 16, 2012 at 6:47 pm

I am the one who received the letter. And there is no “say”; I did receive the letter. They located my address and sent it to my home. The ones who claim they are protecting the people actually threaten them.

But here is the other interesting thing that came out.

So the mantra “VOTE EARLY VOTE OFTEN” does exist.


Now apparently I need to know the laws but their organization does not?

End Fl Voter comment

The letter threatened her/him with legal action for “friviously” challenging voter registration records. The article I posted made it clear that Florida laws are crystal clear, and if a poll worker is working within the bounds of “good faith,” Florida law protects those workers – they cannot be sued.

The commenter is making the point that ‘voting often’ isn’t within the bounds of the law.

Here’s a screen shot:

Vote Early Vote Often