Fame Daddy Offers Premium Celebrity Sperm – High Achievers Only Need Apply

This new service that will be wildly popular. Expect an L.A. branch soon.  Fame Daddy, originating in the UK, will soon begin offering “premium sperm” from anonymous donors (ladies – you won’t be able to brag about Baby Daddy cause you won’t know who he is), but you are assured of receiving the sperm of “high achievers.” If it gets the next generation off of food stamps, maybe I can like it. Estimated cost is just under $250,000 USD. No word about how much the donor gets, but if the woman is paying $250,000 for big-time celebrity sperm, there can’t be much left for the big-time celebrity.

The company’s website, which launched last week, claims that women can pick from a range of celebrated high-achievers when picking a prospective father for their offspring. The identities of each high-flying father will kept secret as the donors have been guaranteed anonymity. The men will also be required to sign a legal waiver of their rights to access to the child.

However would-be mothers using the Fame Daddy clinic will be able to identify their area of achievement and other personal attributes.

They can choose from donor dads who have excelled in a range of fields including sport, entertainment and business. The website lists a range of “sample profiles” of typical sperm donors, including an Oscar-winning actor, a member of the House of Lords and an ex-Premiership footballer…

Mr Richards said: “We currently have about 40 people on our register of interested donors. Of course, until we have premises we cannot store sperm and therefore we as of yet have no actual samples. I am confident most of these will donate once we are operational.”

He said that “like all licensed clinics”, information about the donors will be stored in a confidential registry “that can be accessed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), who also manage our file architecture and data management systems.” Source: Telegraph

It’s just a rumor, but I hear hackers are already working on the hack.

So how do you know you’re not just getting old sperm? It’s a brave new world in the worst possible sense. Take a look at the Fame Daddy website. God bless the children.