Elizabeth Escalona Gets 99 Years for Gluing Childs Eyes Hands

For days the headline has been that Elizabeth Escalona had glued the hands of her two year old daughter to the wall, but she also glued the little girls eyes shut. She beat her to the brink of death bruising her from head to foot with a “milk jug,” tearing hair from her scalp, breaking a hip, causing bleeding from the brain, and biting her daughter’s body. A judge sentenced her to 99 years in prison.

Elizabeth Escalona – Jocelynn Cedillo

Escalona took the stand, pleading for a second chance – said she “deserved” a second chance. After all, she had a fight with her boyfriend the day she brutalized daughter, Jocelynn Cedillo, who survived after awaking from a two day coma. Escalona has 5 children according to this article. She will spend at least 30 years in prison before becoming eligible for parole. May God provide a loving home for the little girl and her siblings. Photo Credit: Hispanically Speaking News

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  • I’m sick, hearing of this. I have no words..

    • Nolan

      David I think she is the one who needs to feel sick.

  • This unmarried woman gave birth to FIVE children by the time she was 23, and is clearly not only incapable of providing them with a stable home, she’s quite capable of extended acts of astounding cruelty.

    However, giving her children to Elizabeth Escalona’s mother to raise is hardly ensuring them a good future…unless perhaps she can do a better job parenting them than she did Elizabeth.

  • WhiteFalcon1

    I’ll provide this child with a good, clean safe home…gladly (but no-one whose a member of this family ever sees her again!)!
    I’m a single dad of two anyway, (wife passed 11 years ago) so we have more than enough love and room for another!
    As a man and a former soldier whose seen more than his share of shit in this world, why or how anyone could hurt a child like this is far beyond me…in my humble, she deserves every minute of the 99 years, and if it could be arranged, PLEASE, allow her to do her time in Ohio…I know a few people here who are ‘guests’ of the state and can guarentee she’ll think about this child and what she did to her, every day for 99 years!

  • That;s pinay , for money , fame she can cross any limits of humanity . Now i hate every thing that have face similar like her

  • brit

    She needs roughly 99 bullets to the head.

    Lefties will get her sociopathic carcass back out on the streets in 5 years.