Donald Trump: $5M to Obama Charity of Choice to Release College Records Passport Applications

Trump has set a deadline of 5 pm October 31, 2012 for this opportunity for $5 Million dollars to be given to Barack Obama’s charity or charities of choice in exchange for the release of Obama’s passport applications and all college transcripts. This is an offer Obama can and will refuse. Unlike Trump, he doesn’t concern himself with real charity. Here’s the video.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump – An Offer Obama Can’t Refuse? (video)

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  • There’s no way BHO and his team of enablers would give up the power & prestige of the WH for a paltry $5 million smackers! Lots of people wondering what Trump’s real reveal was going to be. Something’s wrong here.

    • Sandstone, I don’t know. I think this was it and it has BHO in a bad place. As I said to RR, the $1M Maher gave was a big deal. $5M and for a charity, is at least worth 50 times as much. He’s still trying to ‘out’ Obama and keep his illegitimacy on the radar.

  • Thanks Maggie!

    It’s a fun move that has little down-side – for The Donald.

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  • A publicity stunt from Trump to put his name in the News. While other celebrities hit their girlfriends, Trump tries to place himself in the election.

    He should be ignored from now on, unless he starts hitting women.

    • findalis, anything that makes BHO uncomfortable, I’m for. I don’t care how much publicity The Donald gets, so long as he making BHO squirm.

  • Don’t care what anybody says about Trump,
    I LOVE this stuff lol

    • RR, Trump made a great point today. Bill Maher gave a $1M and that donation was too important to give back. Trump offers $5M and Obama can’t think of taking him on it. While we don’t know all the details, we know whatever they are, BO has to keep them hidden. I loved it to.

  • This is a tough deal to refuse. If the president doesn’t go for it, then he’s disgraceful. Seriously, what is he hiding?