Did You Hear This? Mary Ann Marsh Saying Union Members Attending Political Events Under Threat of Fine is Community Service?

Last night on O’Reilly, Democrat strategist Mary Ann Marsh was in on the discussion of a union worker in Massachusetts saying he would be fined $150 – $250 if he did not show up for a political event, specifically an event for U.S. Senate candidate, Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat.

Mary Ann Marsh, Democrat Strategist

Marsh said it was simply “community service,” and would only be a real story if a worker lost his/her job for not supporting candidates.

I watched it last night, didn’t get the exact quote, but thought it stunning. Shilling for a candidate is “community service” and if you don’t do it, it costs some big bucks? I looked for the video today or the exact quote and found it only one place, on a forum message board, but I do believe this is what I heard Marsh say:

“The union boss only said there is an ‘assessment’ for doing community service, which can include political rallies. This would be a big story if they were told it was mandatory and they would lose their jobs if they didn’t show up.”

Here is the video interview with a Union member that prompted the discussion. More here. Do you think this guy still has a job today?

Union Member Says He Would be Fined for Not Attending Elizabeth Warren Political Events (video)

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