Death Panels are HERE

By Findalis

The Grouch at Right Truth is a practicing Emergency Room Doctor.  He is a man who doesn’t give into hysterics, conspiracies, and tin foil craziness.  So when he speaks out against Obamacare I listen to him.  And you should too.  Having said that, I received this from his lovely wife Debbie of The Right Truth with a plea to pass it along.  That I am doing.

Death Panels are HERE

Today while working my shift in the emergency room, an old lady was brought in very sick and in fact near death. I did my usual workup and evaluation and attempted to administer life saving treatment. It was my plan to admit this woman to the hospital. I found out a little later that this same woman had been a patient here just slightly more than 2 weeks ago with a DIFFERENT DIAGNOSIS. I was told that if this woman was admitted, the hospital would not be paid.

The new Medicare rule now is that if the same Medicare patient is re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days, the hospital will not be paid. When they first started this nonsense they said this only applied to patients with the same diagnosis. Now they have “expanded” the rule to include re-admissions for any reason. So if you’re in the hospital for pneumonia, and 3 weeks later, you break your leg…….too bad.
Medicare will not pay the hospital to fix your leg.

A little later a man was brought in by ambulance, very sick, in pain, and near death. I did my usual evaluation and treatment, doing my best to ease pain and stabilize this man’s illness. He needed to be admitted. To my chagrin I found out that he had been treated for the SAME problem at a DIFFERENT HOSPITAL about 10 days prior. If I admitted this man, our hospital would be paid nothing. I admitted the man.

My friends I am caught in a terrible position. I could have given treatment to both of these people and sent them out. There is no doubt that both of them would have died. Oh, I could also be sued for malpractice, but nobody cares about that. That’s why we have insurance, right?

My other choice is to admit the person, knowing full well that the hospital will have to absorb the cost of care without hope of remuneration.

This is the climate we as healthcare providers find ourselves in today. How many small and struggling hospitals will survive under such ludicrous payment schemes? Indeed many facilities will close their doors. Many doctors will retire early or simply go do something else. As more and more are added to the Obamacare rolls, there will be less and less access. People will get sicker and yes, people will die because of it.

I had a sick and sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach today after both of these incidents. We have a good hospital. Our nurses, technicians, and support staff work very hard and they deserve to be paid for their efforts. I am not so worried about myself as I am near retirement, but I worry for all the younger folks in the healthcare business and I worry about our seniors who are in the long run going to
be sacrificed as the government implements cost cutting shenanigans to cover up their broken promise made way back in 1964.

Folks, this is a nightmare!

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said that we had to pass the bill to know what was in the bill?  We now know what is in the bill.  AND WE DON’T LIKE IT!

If you will, please pass this along.  Either through Facebook, Twitter and/or on your own blog.  And remember to vote on Nov. 6th to remove the problem that caused this disaster:  President Barack Hussein Obama.

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  • Yep! My uncle is in last stages of a disease and he was told that he can not have anymore then 4 hospital visits per year.

    • Scary isn’t it and it is only the beginning.

      I will keep your uncle in my prayers. And pray for sanity to return to our nation.

      • findalis, thanks for putting this here. I just don’t seem to get out and around often enough. I so appreciate you.

    • Fran, I too will keep your uncle in my prayers for comfort at this last stage, and for the care he needs.

  • Please go to the original source and leave comments. Please post a short excerpt with a link to the original source, much appreciated

    • Debbie, done with saddness and pleasure.

  • montanaconserv

    wow.. it’s started… this will only make the cost of care giving go up.. most hospitals will admit even though they won’t get paid.. the cost will be distributed through their charges and billing to other insurance companies… what idiots (the democrats, not the doctors).

  • I sometimes wonder if the elite world viewers who belive in population control are behind this plam to thin out the weakist among us.

  • I do believe they will also fine a hospital for these readmissions and that it, in fact, started doing that on Oct. 1st (or thereabouts.) The average fine is about 125,000.00. Bottom line? Hospitals will no longer admit Medicare patients.

    P.S. Glad you’re keeping the math in the captcha simple. heh

  • Dr. Hamilton this was an excellent article and one I consider vital to get out to everyone. I thank Katie for posting it on my site and I’ve been spending the day Tweeting it and posting it to various FB groups etc. Thank you for courageously writing it and I hope it encourages other medical professionals to do the same!

  • R & D

    At the risk of sounding cynical this is a win-win for Obama and the Dems. The elderly collectively control trillions of dollars. We know how he feels about redistributing. AND the elderly tend to vote conservatively. Win-win.