Bret Baier Political Strategic Mistakes: Obama Clinton Documented

Bret Baier

Eleanor Holmes Norton, the Congresswoman-at-Large representing Washington, D.C. says she isn’t sure that Obama (and others she refers to as “we”) should have “sat in mourning for several days and not go about our daily business.” The statement is in opposition to those who criticized Obama for hitting the campaign trail the next day after his Rose Garden statement. Typical Democrat response. “Mourning” is not what we look to our Commander-in-Chief to do. We do call on him to remove all thoughts of Libyan sovereignty and get our FBI and/or CIA into the murder scene immediately – not two weeks later – and after unbelievable political strategic mistakes end in the death of a U.S. Ambassador and other Americans. Bret Baier’s (Fox News) excellent video below documents the daily statements from the administration and what we know now is the deadliest political scandal in modern history.

If the video disappears, or does not play, view it at Breitbart.

Bret Baier Documents Obama, Hillary Clinton and Benghazi Statements

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  • Maggie,
    Have you seen THIS? I think that you’ll find it interesting — to say the least.

    • AOW, I have and had I not had computer problems from dawn to dark yesterday I would have had it up. I have posted the video with some commentary about the injured Agent. Denise Simon did a good job and they have given me permission to crosspost. Thanks for the heads up. We can’t catch every, can we.

  • My central concern is how Romney will inject the Benghazi story into the last debate? Some say he should leave it alone and others claim it is a way to destroy the Obama campaign.

    IMHO Mitt Romney has silenced many critics with his results now finding him leading or tied in most polls. While they are not the definitive answer in this election being behind is never a good thing. And he’s trending up at the best time; shortly before the election.

    Again, IMHO, the Benghazi situation is beyond the pale in things totally unacceptable and render the current President unfit to serve as Commander-in-Chief. That alone is the primary case against this President’s re-election.

    • Stanford, if you are saying you think Romney must discuss this, I am in complete agreement. To let this pass would be devastating. I want him to address and take back the Crowley gift to Obama. I doubt we will never know the depths of why this administration has played so “fast and furious” with Benghazi.

      Former SEALs Woods and Doherty were in the country to hunt down weapons of mass destruction and anything else that could devastate the population or other countries. The “Annex” was an intel center and Woods and Doherty were there when they died. I have a feeling someone got hold of some very powerful stuff and the admin doesn’t want the info out. He thought they adored him, so pulled security so that they wouldn’t know the whole story – maybe.

      Doherty told ABC he was there to hunt down the weapons and his sister confirmed it on TV (FOX) this weekend. She made it clear the they were not working for the Ambassador.

      So the weapons, whatever they be, but among them said to be large numbers of MANPADs, are still in someone’s hands, and there is no one trustworthy there.

      It must be discussed in as much detail as Romney can muster. He is getting security briefings now, so…

  • OBAMA & his Regime told nothing but compounded LIES on top of LIES. Acts of Terror were not punished in the Fort Hood jihad Muslim killings, just called a ‘work place violence.’ So what does that say, huh!
    Thank you Bret Baier and John Bolton of whom know that they know Obama is lying, so he got caught, ha ha! THANK YOU GOD FOR REVEALING THE TRUTH THAT WILL SET AMERICA FREE!
    ‘Shadowy Character’ ?? hummm, sounds like Obama is the Shadowy Character!

  • Wickster

    It is now coming out that Ambassadore Stevens was gay. Why on earth did the State Department send a gay person to a Muslim nation that is critical and violet towards homosexuals? Is this not irresponsible of the President and the State Department?