Bill Clinton Gathering Legal Minds to Fix Hillary’s Benghazi Mess?

Doug Ross is quoting Ed Klein, the author of The Amateur saying Bill Clinton has “assembled an informal legal team” to come up with some strategy to defend Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi strategy, which was insane and irresponsible by any measure. If we have a Marine detachment in Barbados, why wouldn’t we have protected our interests in Benghazi? Perhaps because Hillary has busily and with great import taken on the Muslim cause around the world. She jumped on that bus going in the wrong direction – the vehicle Obama tuned-up in his Cairo speech, and has kept the petal to the metal ever since.

Two More Bumps in the Road

While Hillary has criticized the ills facing Muslim women in speeches in front of world bodies, she has supported Mohamad Morsi, the new Muslim Brotherhood head of the Egyptian government, from the beginning, signaling to the world, that all is well in Egypt. Clinton has denied the startling ties to the Muslim Brotherhood of her Chief of Staff, most senior aide and close friend, Huma Abedin. We are to accept the large Islamic presence in our govenment, and we will like it.That’s our one option.

Just how often have we heard our State Department take up for the intolerance of Christians anywhere in the world?

Leading members of Egypt’s Coptic Christian community refused to meet with Clinton due to the U.S. government’s “support for Islamism over other political and civil forces.” The meeting with Coptic leaders who did show up apparently did not go any more smoothly: According to human rights campaigner Hossam Bahgat, one speakeraccused the White House of being infiltrated by Islamists — and pointed to Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedine, as evidence. Source

Unless the White House forbade adequate protection of the Benghazi Consulate, this one is Hillary’s mess. The smartest woman in the world is nothing more than a Democrat power monger, who haughtily believes America and Americans are not in her league. When have you heard an ounce of patriotism from Hillary Clinton? Ever? I mean, really, ever?

We’re hearing that a huge divide has cracked wide open between the Clinton camp and the Obama camp:

The latest quarrel began when Clinton heard that Obama was behaving so cocky about his first debate against Mitt Romney that he wasn’t taking his debate prep seriously. Out of concern, Clinton had an aide call the White House and say that the former president would be more than happy to give the current president some pointers and advice on how to get the best of Romney.

Clinton waited several days for a response, but none was forthcoming. According to my sources, the former president was dumbfounded that Obama had ignored his offer, and his hurt feelings quickly boiled over into anger.

“Bill thought that he and Obama were on friendly terms after the convention,” one source told me. “He couldn’t believe that the White House didn’t even extend him the courtesy of a return phone call. He concluded that Obama’s arrogance knows no bounds.” Source: The Daily Caller

Reaganite Republican says some of Bill and Hillary’s former staffers are voting for Romney. I have no doubt both Bill and Hill and will do the same, and while that might help her in 2016, Benghazi will not.

Bill can’t stay away from the stage though. The administration may diss him and ignore him, but if there’s a stage and he is the “event,” he’ll be there. Just hours ago it was announced Bill Clinton will be campaigning for Obama alongside Bruce Springsteen. He will be Obama’s “surrogate in chief.”

White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney says the State Department is responsible for the security of diplomatic missions, and Joe Biden blamed the intelligence community for not properly informing the White House of dangers in Benghazi, as if anyone needed telling. Yesterday, there was an attempt to blame the CIA and retired General David Petraeus , who for some reason accepted the job of Director of the CIA (talk about insane).

What about the 10,000 missing MANPAD missiles [shoulder launched surface to air missiles]? Where are they?

We can more easily imagine the Clintons’ worries over them being used on a passing airliner, of perhaps Israel or a NATO nation. Imagine what might be done with a stockpile of MANPADs in Israel, when that skinny, little, free nation needs to take action in Iran. Why, perhaps such an incident would even cause Congress to stop the billions of dollars being sent for years, to Islamist, jihadi nations, as foreign aid! Source: GulagBound

I don’t know how Hillary gets out of this one. I don’t think anyone on Bill’s team can make it happen. Having said that, Obama has to explain why he is repeating Hillary’s lies about the YouTube video – the vile story that is still in the mill according to the mother of Sean Smith who died at the Benghazi consulate. According to Pat Smith’s statements on a Fox show this evening, yesterday, October 13th, she received a call from a U.S. attorney who is still blaming the video for the attacks.

Hillary takes this one hard on the chin and she deserves it. The wife of a former U.S. President supported the agenda to blame America first and protect Muslim countries no matter the cost. Hillary climbed aboard to serve a man she couldn’t abide. She knew she would be seen as the most powerful woman in the world. Her legacy as Secretary of State would pave her road to the Oval Office, but she’s under the bus now, and I ask you again, when have you ever seen an ounce, a word, of patriotism from Hillary Clinton?

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  • A better question is this – despite repeated warnings and concerns expressed by the State Department, the house repeatedly voted to cut funding for security and reductions in security spending for the embassies. Why are those same GOP senators now feigning outrage?

    • It has been clear that funding for everything has to be cut in a responsible manner. Did you hear Charlene Lamb, the State Department Deputy handling security telling the House Committee in testimony that funding did not play a part in how the Consulate was protected (or not protected in this case). Money wasn’t the problem. The better questions: Why did we have Marines in Barbados but not in Benghazi if money was the issue?

    • Instead of cutting out the fluff the State Department paid for frills. The electric filling station and Chevy Volts that the Vienna Embassy received could have. Or the Marines in Barbados (really).

      The administration is using the lack of Marines at Benghazi to slap the GOP. And it is not working.

  • Did you read where Hill also bears a grudge against Susan Rice? Although she served in the Clinton WH Rice also was one of the earliest Obama supporters… it’s Rice and Obama vs State Dept.

    I don’t know who comes out looking better in the end, I guess we’ll see but I suspect the Clintons would be able to do considerable further damage to Obama over the next 30 days if they felt in in their interest to do so.

    • creeper

      I don’t know, RR. Many of Hillary’s hard-core supporters abandoned the Dem party in disgust in 2008 and they will not be back. (See: Dujan, Kevin for the classic example.) Remember the PUMAs? They’re gone. Those left in the party went full-on Obot.

      Hillary’s deluding herself if she thinks she’ll ever be President. If she figures that out before the election watch the sparks fly. Right now she’s trying to have it both ways. Sooner or later she’s going to have to decide what status she wants…loyal Democrat or crusading truth-teller. I think there’s too much pol in her for the first. Bill, however, is another story.

      Bartender? More popcorn, please.

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  • My guess, and that is all it is, is if Hillary goes down, she has ways to take Obama with her.

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  • planet8788

    Hillary is only slightly less worse than Obama.
    Bill is the only reason she has any credibility.
    She’s an Alinsky-fan. She’s a socialist. (pushed national healthcare 20 years before Obama).
    She won’t survive this with any credibility.

    • davegerken, I believe the same. Her chances of a 2016 election are gone. They can’t shove all of this under the rug. Even if she did everything possible to demand security for the Consulate and Embassy and was turned down by Obama, because he’s the only one who could stop her, she didn’t stand up and say, people die because this president is not handling security properly. It’s on her manly shoulders, no matter what.